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This Week in PMS: March 8th, 2021

Another week, another This Week in PMS Clan, where we fill you in on what you missed, what’s coming up, and what’s what of what. This week we dive into upcoming events, feature March's Staff Member Spotlight, celebrate International Women's Day and more.

Next week we will be doing a feature on our Stream Team Members and how you can join the team, announcing our PMS Fight Night and our upcoming charity stream for Black Girls Code.

International Women's Day

As we take to today to honor, empower and celebrate women, its important to make their stories and achievements visible. Are there any women throughout history or in your life that you find to be an inspiration to you? Tell us on Twitter!

Upcoming Events

Rocket League CGN

Saturday March 13th

8PM Eastern


Vroom! Vroom! Everyone is invited to join us this Saturday! To get in on the action, you must sign up and be a member of our Discord server. We will be meeting in Discord for the event!

Register at:


Halo Tournament

Congratulations to One Hidden Flame! She is the winner of this months Halo FFA Tournament! She is a very talented player and also the Halo Recruitment manager. You can watch the replay of the tournament on our Twitch channel.

Staff Member Spotlight: March

Rabbit PMS has been nominated by the CET and fellow staff members for March’s Staff Member Spotlight for her outstanding work within PMS over the years! We’ve all seen the effort she puts into everything she does for the clan time and time again! This month, we would like to offer our thanks, respect, and appreciation! Thank you Rabbit for being so wonderful and such an outstanding member of our community! Keep up the amazing work!

Thank you to everyone who is going above and beyond for our community and keep being so wonderful!


  • Euphie PMS (Call of Duty Division Leader & Mod Team) - She is engaging in discord all the time. She is warm and welcoming to our division members and is always hosting unscheduled sessions for those who need them. She also steps up to the plate when others are unable to get things done within the staff and is always willing to help out without complaint.

  • PMS CombatQueen (Halo Division Experience Manager) - Not only is she a moderator & Halo Experience Manager, she embodies a positive experience and is warm and welcoming to all the new folks that join our community. She also strives to get the clan back into the competitive scene by working with her divisions and staff to set up tournaments!


  • PMS Baelphyre (Halo Division Recruitment Manager) - Baelphyre has done an amazing job as Halo Recruitment Manager. She is reliable, consistent and an absolute kind and refreshing individual to be around. She has stepped up with helping Halo leadership on numerous last minute meetings and will lend a hand taking notet. She is also very consistent and reliable with hosting halo gaming sessions. You name it she has excelled.

Discord Showcase

Scrolling through the #global_chat on our PMS Clan Discord server every week is a hoot. You see so many different clever gifs describing everyone’s day, how they’re feeling, or just responses to one another.

Gaming Sessions

We’ve got tons of folks that get together on the regular to play. If you’re interested in joining any of our sessions, check out the schedules below and hit up the captains for an invite.

But wait, there’s more…

PMS Clan Streaming Schedule

We have streams daily on the PMS Clan Twitch channel. You can find all of our upcoming streams on the PMS Clan Streaming Schedule.

Screenshots & Clips!

We have a channel on discord dedicated to showcasing your best plays, clutch or funny moments. We post the clips daily on our TikTok channel, and screenshots on Saturdays on our Twitter and Instagram pages! Be sure to head to #clips_and_shots in our discord server to share your videos and screenshots!

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