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Staff Member Spotlight: Rabbit PMS

We already know that we have a great little corner of the internet carved out with the PMS Clan but that doesn’t just happen by accident! The members of our inclusive video game community are who define us and we want you to see them for how awesome they are.

Rabbit has been nominated by the CET and her fellow staff for March’s Staff Member of the Month for her outstanding work for PMS over the years! We’ve all seen the effort she puts into everything she does for the clan time and time again! This month, we would like to offer our thanks, respect, and appreciation! Thank you Rabbit for being so wonderful and such an outstanding member of our community! Keep up the amazing work!

Rabbit PMS

When and how did you hear about PMS Clan and what made you decide to join?

I first heard about the clan during Halo: Reach day. One of the ladies and I just finished playing an intense match in the MLG playlist. She liked my callouts and my slaying skills so she invited me to join them for customs 4v4s with some of their competitive players. They were super nice but I wasn’t looking to join a group or anything at the time. I then bump into a group of PMS ladies in the Halo 4 SWAT playlist and seeing the tag reminded me of the clan. At the time, most of my friends either not gaming or were playing at different times than me so I figure why not, to find more Halo players. After playing with some of them for a few days and bonding with them. I finally committed and decided to join and never look back.

What was your first session like?

LMAO, I will NEVER forget my first session! Right after my recruitment orientation into the clan and the other ladies were allowed to join the lobby. It was that very moment I got my face sniped off by the one and only Vira PMS and Corruption/Khaleesi back to back in Halo 4. I had so much fun that night but I won’t forget dying back to back and all the assassinations aka “hugs”.

This was my face when I got sniped in the face

What has been your favorite staff position to hold in the Clan so far?

This was a very tough choice. If you know me, I held almost every position in the clan that they could offer but if it comes down to it. It’s 50/50 with PMS Halo Practice Manager or PMS Community Engagement Team Member.

Why is that your favorite position?

They are both pretty similar as to my reasons. I enjoy people’s reactions, so having the ability and tools to create fun events and memorable moments where everyone is just laughing and having a blast is pretty awesome. From spooky Friday the 13th CGN’s screams and yelps to Google Hangout PMS Halo Ladies Night filled with laughs and giggles are always fun. Also, to give back by helping set up and organize such a wonderful charity like Extra Life is pure gold to me and makes me feel like I help make a difference in this world, even if it’s in a small amount. I love it all and super glad others push me to get out of my shy shell and to give these and many other positions a try.

What is one of the hardest parts about your job?

Software and devices. There are TTOOONNNNNS of ways to stream on Twitch and as the team grows we run into new ways how our streamers streams. Sometimes cells phone, Console - Twitch or Lightstreams, PC with OBS, Streamslabs, XSpilt, StreamElements, etc. The list is endless and I am always bumping into trouble (or breaking things haha) when stuff updates or changes and learning something new. It’s a lot of information to learn and remember for my squirrely brain of mine but I wouldn’t change. I like learning new things anyways.

If you could give advice to someone looking to be a leader or someone who simply wants to make a difference what would you tell them?

As Shia LaBeouf says "Just Do It". You got nothing to lose and a lot to gain so go for it.

What would you most like to humble brag about?

When I’m really into FPS game, especially when it comes to Call of Duty and Halo. I can be a deadly force with a sniper or just overall slaying skill-wise. I can’t help it. Hearing “Perfection” or the sound of medals of headshots going off or Killionaire brings me joy and makes me want to keep slaying away with joy.


Each spotlight comes with our members chiming in with feedback surrounding our staff member. We heard nothing but wonderful things.

Since becoming co-manager of the stream team, she's been the main focus and backbone of the entire team. ~H2O HappyDude

She is always someone we can reach out to for help. She is very knowledgeable about technical things that she brings back to us to help us improve the clan. She constantly offers her help whether it's taking on a position, helping with a position she's not in, or just giving information. ~RaylaDevine PMS

Rabbit has been one of the kindest people I have met. She’s so sweet, caring and always willing to help you out. Whether that be with something PMS related or if you just need someone to listen. She’s truly a wonderful person! ~Loki PMS

I would like to say she definitely deserves the spotlight recognition. She's a hard worker and is always a joy to game with. She always makes my day no matter what game we play together. ~Vira PMS

I appreciate how Rabbit is always quick to respond and is always there to help when you need her :) ~Sumthin Badasss

Rabbit has been so incredibly welcoming. She clearly has a heart for the goals of PMS Clan and has volunteered to take up the reins for a lot of work! I very much admire her cat herding skills. ~Doc

Rabbit is great. Super helpful and friendly, always willing to get involved and help out when needed. ~OneHiddenFlame

Rabbit is one of the most kind and helpful people you will ever meet. I'm sure every person has a great story about her. ~Callisto H2O

Ever since Rabbit has joined PMS, she has been nothing short of dedicated, organized, and diligent in each position she has held. I've had the pleasure of working with her behind the scenes for many years in different aspects of the community, everything she does, she does well. Thank you Rabbit for all that you do, we truly appreciate you. <3 ~Ovaryacting PMS

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Miembro desconocido
08 mar 2021

Rabbit is the epitomy of what being a PMS member stands for! I have never met anyone more caring and knowledgeable, she is genuine and just all around a really great person! @Rabbit

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