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Staff Member Spotlight: PMS Pandas

PMS Pandas (Amanda) has been nominated by the CET and her fellow staff for October's Staff Member of the Month for her dedication and overwhelmingly positive attitude! We’ve all seen the effort she puts into everything she does for the clan, and this month, we would like to offer our thanks, respect, and appreciation! Thank you Pandas for being so wonderful and such an outstanding member of our community! Keep up the amazing work!.

PMS Pandas

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hi! I’m Pandas. Im one of the squad managers for Agents of Warfare squad. I help the leaders, TangableAura and CombatQueen, with some of the tasks of running this awesome group. I’m part of the event team and we’re constantly thinking of ways to get the squad and community members of PMS involved together. I run a 2 hour session Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10pm. I also help with scheduling, covering sessions, tracking attendance, helping new recruits and anything Tanga and Combat need me to do.

What games do you play other than Call of Duty?

I play Battlefield, Borderlands, Far Cry, Minecraft, Mass Effect, Animal Crossing and cooking games on my phone to name a few.

How long have you been in the Clan?

Almost a year. I came when we still had divisions, and a few months after that saw us grow into the squad we have today.

What positions have you held?

I was a member of the COD division, then advanced to one of the event staff members then squad manager and finally captain.

How did you hear about PMS Clan and what made you decide to join?

I looked you guys up lol. I took a step back, and found that as much as I put into my real life, I don’t have to lose gaming in the process. I played solo for a bit but it’s so much more fun and interesting when you have a family dynamic.

What inspired you to be an Assistant Manager in your squad?

Bestie Tanga. She encouraged me for it and I wanted to help out the squad leaders.

Do you have any clan related memories that stand out from the rest?

Ahhh so many!!! My top two though: 1. My first tournament, lol. It was 2v2 gunfight on MW. I haven’t practiced at all until two days before. I was so panic-stricken and nervous but my partner and I went undefeated. 2. DonnaMatrix and I were left on WZ to fend for ourselves. We almost died from the gas, revived each other in the gas and hid in a garage but we got second lol. Good times. Lol

Is there an upcoming game you are looking forward to playing? What do you expect from it?

I’m most excited for Battlefield 2024. I started on Halo and then my brother got me heavily into Battlefield Bad Company 2 when that came out. It was a wrap from that point on. I expect it to be amazing, as it always is. It brings a different flavor to FPS and it takes a while to get accustomed to but when you do it’s fulfilling.

What is your favorite all-time game? What makes it great?

Fallout3. It’s just an phenomenal game overall from soundtrack to the twist of morality choices to panic when you see a Deathclaw.. I still play Galaxy News Radio when I’m cleaning.. and I still tread carefully when I play.

How did you choose your name?

It was a nickname from when I was a kid. It was that or Squirrel. Cause I hide things and forget about them. Still do.

What is something interesting about yourself that we would be surprised to know?

I can fold my ears in… lol or the fact I’m in my thirties and still have baby teeth.. don’t ask.. I really dunno how lol.

When did you start gaming and what influenced you to start?

I started gaming back with Super Nintendo. I played Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario, Kirby all that Jazz. It was a way to bond with my brothers. Didn’t work lol but it helped make me the gamer I am today. My first FPS was Halo.

What was your favorite childhood video game you played?

It would be Donkey Kong Country. I used to have ringtones of some of the songs for different people.

What would you most like to humble brag about?

You need someone to walk nonchalantly across the street and call out where the shot came from? Hi, my Names Panda and I wear the Warzone Distraction Jacket proudly.


We’ve reached out to her peers and asked around. We heard some wonderful things!

Amanda is a good friend, hard working assistant manager, great towards the squad, friendly personality. Overall great PMS member/manager! ~ Queen of Combat Pandas first came into the CoD division and was paired up with me through the buddy system. I had no idea that from that system I would gain a real life best friend. She is an amazing person that has an amazing drive when it comes not just to the AoW squad but to the PMS clan itself. She has prevailed in many ways by being able to plan an entire event down to the brass tacks on her own, to helping new recruits when they come in. She knows how to show everyone a great time when she hosts sessions or just having conversations in chat. She is a vital part of our staff and we couldn't be more grateful to have her. She is definitely a blessing in disguise. ~ Tangableaura

She is a wonderful person and a Kool Panda. When I joined the clan, her and a few other ladies made me feel welcome and that is something. She is Panda Smash!!

She is a great manager and an awesome friend. No matter what, she is just that kinda Panda that will always help you smash things and get the job done (lol) GO Panda! ~ Kasumi Angel

I don’t get a lot of time to play with her, as our schedules do not line up, but Panda is funny and well liked within the squad. ~ Wildcat Flo PMS

Panda is so caring and fun and can make me laugh my butt off while also making sure I never get left behind. From the time we were pinned down in that house in Verdansk and fought through a whole team to make it out, I knew she'd stay by my side no matter how much I sucked at BR She shares that same caring with the rest of her team, her squad, and PMS and it is felt by everyone around her. PANDA ROCKS 🐼 ~ PMS Donnamatrix

While I have not had many chances to play with Panda but she is talked highly of by her squad, and represents PMS well ~ Ovaryacting PMS

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