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Staff Member Spotlight: PMS Tangableaura

We already know that we have a great little corner of the internet carved out with the PMS Clan but that doesn’t just happen by accident! The members of our inclusive video game community are who define us and we want you to see them for how awesome they are.

May’s Staff Member of the Month is PMS Tangableaura! Tanga has been nominated by the Community Engagements Team and her fellow staff for May’s Staff Member of the Month for her hard work, dedication, and the overall friendly vibes she gives to those around her! We’ve all seen the effort she puts into everything she does for the clan, and this month, we would like to offer our thanks, respect, and appreciation! Thank you Tanga for being so wonderful and such an outstanding member of our community! Keep up the amazing work!

Tell us about your background in the PMS Clan

I've been with PMS for about 13 years. I started out being a Call of Duty Session Captain and fell in love with it.

When and how did you hear about PMS Clan and what made you decide to join?

I was playing the first Rainbow 6 on Xbox and met this cool chick PMS ClairBear and asked about her clan tag. She explained to me what PMS stood for and what their mission was and I said "sign me up".

What was your first session like?

It was awesome. We practiced on a competitive level, PMS helped me become a better gamer with shooters. We always made sure to make quit peeks out of doors and look left and right for enemies and its a method I still use today.

Was there a specific experience you had that made you want to work with PMS?

Back in 2013, we had a full Call of Duty lobby of nothing but clan members. We had to run customs but we had the time of our lives doing that session! That experience made me want to be with this clan for as long as I could and contribute as much as I can.

If you could give advice to someone looking to be in a staff position, or someone who simply wants to make a difference in PMS what would you tell them?

Speak up. Never be afraid to throw your ideas out to your squad leaders. Regardless if you’re just a member or staff. I encourage everyone to let us know if they have ideas for FGN or events. If you want to be a staff member tell us. My co-leader and I always want people on our team who are just as willing to make our squad better but the clan itself.

What's your favorite memory/experience in PMS?

So far being a leader is my favorite experience because I really want to strive to make it something great not just for my squad but for the clan itself

What inspired you to put in all of your extra effort?

The recent change from divisions to squads has definitely made us want to make any changes and improvements that benefit everyone.

What do you love most about video games as a player?

The experience and chance to meet new people. I actually met my best friend playing Call of Duty and we became real life best friends. You can’t beat a better experience than that.

If you could live in any fictional world, which world would you choose?

Final Fantasy or Skyrim hands down.

What is the first game you fell in love with?

Kingdom Hearts

When did you start gaming?

I was a teenager when the original Xbox came out.


We’ve reached out to her division and asked around. We heard some wonderful things!

She is a good co leader, commits to the squad 100% always available to talk to. Hard worker. Good friend. ~ PMS CombatQueen

She puts so much time and effort into getting the AoE squad up and running. Always being welcoming and friendly and just generally being a nice person! As a fairly new member Tangableaura has shown me the ropes and has been a genuinely nice person. She’s always there if I or anyone else needs help and is always always down to clown! ~ ALLY Sec12

Tang is absolutely amazing and hard working. She cares a lot and really tries to make sure that everyone is happy as well as tries her best to appease but be also straightforward and honest. It’s rare to find people like her. I appreciate all the hard work she put into her role in AoE and I couldn’t have chosen a better person! ~ PMS Pandas

I see Tang like a very responsible but fun big sis. She always has good advice and she's really kind. I appreciate how she gives me and everyone else help when we need it and understands when life gets in the way sometimes. She makes the clan feel like home and a comfortable place to be. ~ ALLY Carts

She is an absolute sweetheart. Tremendously helpful and welcoming! ~ Kara Zor-Ei PMS

She's awesome! super friendly and i appreciate all her help and being a good friend. she's answered all my questions when I needed info for the CoD division! feels good to know she is a good friend and is there for anything I need. It's deeply appreciated. ~ GnashtyBoi

I would have to say right from the start, she has been so welcoming and nice!!, helping me out and answering any questions I have. She deserves the best! ~ Kittycatcake123

Tang is a really great leader. She leads by example! I love going to her sessions because I know I’m always gonna have fun. She is always asking how we feel about things and what we would like to do. ~ WildcatFlo PMS

She is a good person and a good leader, & is doing great as a leader as well. ~ H2O L1NCOLN

Tang is one of the best staff out there, super nice super chill and she loves to have fun with us! As long as its core, but who doesn't like core. Always makes sure everyone feels welcome. Love her my fav staff member. ~ PMS Exotic

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