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This Week in PMS Clan: January 4th, 2021

Another week, but also the first This Week in PMS Clan of the year, where we fill you in on what you missed, what’s coming up, and what’s what of what.

The New Year is HERE! Happy New Year!!

We want to thank those who hosted and participated in our New Years Eve Countdown event! It was a lot of fun to get together to play and celebrate. Did you know, in 2020, we hosted over 50 events from tournaments, trivia to charity fundraisers?! We look forward to participating in more events this year!



To kick off the New Year we would like to give love and recognition to our wonderful staff! Every month the Community Engagements Team will be nominating anyone within our staff teams for our new Staff Member of the Month!

Who do we pick and how does one get nominated?

Anyone who holds a staff position in our community. Whether you are a divisional manager, general, or mod you are in the nomination poll. The only exception being is those of us that are in CET. Nominations will be based on what we can see, through our discord server. The reasons can be anything from recruitment, offering competitive play, encouraging those around them and more! If you are a staff member and are putting in that work, show it off!

January Staff Member of The Month

PMS AssassinKhal

April has been nominated by the CET for January’s Staff Member of the Month for her efforts recruiting for her division! We see her pulling people in all the time from Reddit and we would just like to show our appreciation for everything you do as a Division Leader for our Dead By Daylight Division! Keep up the awesome work!

We asked her some questions to get to know her a little better...

1. How did you hear about PMS Clan and what made you decide to join?

My fiance was in the Clan first and bugged me for WEEKS to give it a shot. I finally came to a Valorant session and joined shortly after. After years of having toxic interactions with online games, I loved how enjoyable playing with the Clan made it.

2. Was there a specific experience you had that made you want to become a manager?

I knew when the DBD division was in trial that I wanted to be apart of the management side of it. I've played/followed this game since it came out, so I knew my passion for the game would carry over into my management style.

3. What inspires you to achieve your goals for the community?

My love for this division, wanting to see it grow into something more amazing than it already is, seeing what we're accomplishing already and making moves toward the future.

4. What's the best part of what you do here?

Just being in the sessions and having such a good time, especially when we're doing custom lobbies with everyone. It's really something to be spectating the matches and seeing everyone enjoying themselves.

5. What's your favorite memory/experience in PMS?

This one was hard. We play a lot of games together, but I think I got it. Witnessing Azrael throw a hatchet cross-map, blinded by a cornfield and hitting Azula will hands down be my favorite thing ever. There's a clip of it, hilarious every time. (Link to clip)

6. What is your favorite TV show/Anime?

TV show: Criminal Minds; Anime: Naruto (currently)

7. What is the first game you fell in love with?

Assassin's Creed III

8. What are your top 3 favorite albums?

Circles - Mac Miller

Silver Scream - Ice Nine Kills

Brand New Eyes - Paramore

9. What is the meaning behind your username?

I've actually had this name for 10 years now. AssassinKhal is a mix of my all time favorite things, Assassin's Creed and Game of Thrones (Khal Drogo was my favorite at the time)

10. What's your favorite video game related thing that's not a videogame?

I have this beautiful Skyrim inspired watercolor painting

We’ve reached out to her division and asked around. We heard some wonderful things!

Callisto H2O - April is amazing to have as a division leader, she is always willing to help everyone and is the perfect balance of professional and friendly.

PMS CatzuZ - She's awesome and epic person :3

H2O Ironhide - I appreciate the hard work you put in for the division, you're amazing!

Azrael PMS - April is awesome! She has honestly stepped up and really made an effort to grow, not only our division, but the clan as well. She has brought in so many new recruits and even as a Division Leader holds the majority of our sessions. She's always such a positive person and willing to help anyone learn and/or teach new things within our division.

PMS PulseFireAzula - April has amazing work ethic and keeps me sane when I feel like I'm a sec from ripping my hair out. She is consistently working with me to problem solve when ever needed.

H2O Nordic - I haven't played with her a ton, but from our few interactions she is very friendly except when she kills me in game, in which case she is savage lol


Honorable Mentions

Honorable mentions go to all those we also saw putting in work! So even if you didn’t get the spotlight you might just find yourself here! Thank you to everyone who is going above and beyond for our community and keep being so wonderful!

PMS CombatQueen - Halo Experience Manager - Nominated for her efforts to revive competitive play and opportunity for the community.

MythicPink PMS - Halo Experience Manager - Nominated for her efforts running Open Houses and recruiting for our Halo Division.

Euphie PMS - Call of Duty Division Leader - Nominated for encouraging and putting a light on other managers.


Discord Showcase

If you're not following the PMS Clan TikTok, scroll through the #clips_and_shots channel on our PMS Clan Discord server, where our members show off talented, clutch, funny, and beautiful gaming clips and scenes.


Join the PMS Clan by filling out an application HERE!!

Division Sessions

We’ve got tons of folks that get together on the regular to play. If you’re interested in joining any of our divisions, check out the schedules below and hit up the captains for an invite.

But wait, there’s more…

Upcoming Divisions

Our community Smite players are getting together to start a division within the cross platform community. (all major consoles) If you are interested in participating in the trial please join our discord server and sign up in the Smite Interest Thread.

There is also interest in playing Final Fantasy XIV together as a division within the PC/PS4 community. If you are interested in playing together as a group, please join our discord server and sign up in the Final Fantasy XIV Interest Thread.

PMS Clan Streaming Schedule

We have streams daily on our Twitch Channel ( You can find all of our upcoming streams on the PMS Clan Streaming Schedule.

Come Join the Team!

The new year is almost upon us and we’re looking to expand our reach! To do that, we’re looking for eager folks, looking to get a leg up in the gaming industry. Even if you don’t think you’re up to snuff, we’re here to help you out! We have positions open for our Twitch Team, Community Engagement Team, Social Media Team, and our Editorial Team (where you can write cool articles like this one!). Check them all out and apply today!

Come back again next week, y’all!

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