Join the PMS Clan Mission

Thank you for your interest in joining Pandora’s Mighty Soldiers!

PMS Clan’s mission to create an inclusive video game community committed to breaking down walls, stereotypes, and boundaries for women in gaming. Whether you’re a woman interested in meeting other girl gamers through PMS Clan or someone who wishes to support women in gaming by joining H2O Clan, there’s one thing that needs to come first...

You have to join the conversation! We have two ways that you can join our all ages community:

PMS Clan and H2O Clan members are highly respected within the video game industry. Our members have helped fuel a near 20 year legacy of being a video game community that is a  positive force for change in the online and industry event spaces. Many of our members have gone on to make their mark in the video game industry through the skills, friendships, and life experiences that they earned through their PMS Clan and H2O Clan memberships. PMS Clan members are defined by their welcoming attitudes, unparalleled sportsmanship, and eagerness to grow through competitive play and professional skill-building.

Anyone can join PMS Clan or H2O Clan. There is no requirement or discrimination based on age, gender, race, professional background, or gaming skill level. To join the Clan you only need to complete a recruitment period first by joining into one of our divisions on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or mobile! We use this recruitment period to ensure not only that you’re a good fit for PMS Clan and H2O Clan, but that we’re a good fit for you too.

As a PMS Clan and H2O Clan Member you get to…

  • Access Member Only sections of our forums and Discord channels

  • Take part in exclusive contests, tournaments, and giveaways

  • Play live on our PMS Clan Twitch channel

  • Join or create competitive teams with other members

  • Grow professionally in volunteer staff positions that have industry exposure, including roles in Community, Marketing, Streaming, Content Creation, Journalism, and Management   

  • Opportunities to work industry related events and attend VIP mixers

  • ...and more! Seriously, we’re not even highlighting the fact that you get to do all of this stuff just for playing video games with the greatest bunch of people on the planet. We may be a little bit biased, but you’ll see what we mean soon enough!

Become a Community Member

Community members are the backbone of what PMS Clan was founded. Much like the members who decide to join PMS Clan and H2O Clan, community members are here because they want to support women in gaming. They also believe that all players have the right to play games online free of judgement or harassment. Joining our community is a great first step if you want to get a feel for who we are and what we’re about. Even if you’re not interested in becoming a part of the Clan, you still get to be part an inclusive online gaming environment that provides a fun, safe, and positive place to play and network with other gamers.

As a Community Member you get to…

  • Access our forums and Discord channels

  • Receive invites to community wide events and mixers online and at conventions

  • Enter contests and giveaways

  • … and more!

Still interested in joining the PMS Clan mission to be awesome, supportive of women, and have fun with your fellow gamers? Click the statement below that best applies to you:

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Welcome to the family!