Frequently asked questions

How do I join the clan?

To join the clan you will need to fill out the application and go through a recruitment period of two weeks. Here are all the steps that will happen from applying to becoming a full member: 1. After you have registered an account on our forums. Our forums are key for tracking members, organizging teams and facilitating important clan information. 2. Register a Discord account if you do not already have one. Discord is the primarly day to day communication and coordination between players and groups. 3. Submit an application on the " Join" page of our website. A recruitment officer will contact you to set an initial meeting and start the recruitment period of two weeks. 4. Meet with a recruitment manager who will review our code, answer questions, introduce you to the right leaders/players based on your background and assign you a clan "Buddy". Your buddy will be your go to for anything you need, hopefully long after your recruitment period! 5. Post an introduction post in our Discord Channel “Introduce Yourself” or jump into another channel and connect with others 6. Play at least one game session a week for two weeks. Even if we don’t have an active division on game we’ll work with you as our members play many games. 7. Provided your recruitment has passed you will then become an official member of the clan. What makes a recruit become rank up to a member is positive attitude and demonstrated respect for others and our values.

Do I have to be competitive to join you?

Absolutly not! While a key initiative for us is to raise the profile of competitve women we are a group in general that supports all players from all backgrounds. Any clan member is welcome to join game sessions and other activites.

What’s is PMS Clan and PMS Clan Ally?

PMS Clan is a diversity group of women gamers and PMS Clan Ally (PMSA) are our allies and advocates that help us create a more inclusive environment. It’s important that women know who the other women are in our clan so anyone that self identifies as female is referenced as PMS Clan and others as PMS Clan Ally. We are one clan. This community is focused on inclusivity for all and we support every individual and diversity group to pursue their passion and interests in gaming.

Do I have to be a woman to join the clan?

No, this community is focused on inclusivity for all and aims to be a home for all players who believe in our mission. We are a women's diversity group, so it’s important that women know who the other women are, so anyone that self identifies as female is referenced as PMS Clan and others as PMS Clan Ally. But we are one clan and play, compete and support each other.

What is H2O Clan?

H2O Clan was the original name of PMS Clan Allies. We changed the name to evolve with the times and be more inclusive to promote a message of unity and integration. H2O still means a lot to our members and you will still find some of our members sporting the tag today as the tag is grandfathered in.

Do your members compete professionally?

We are currently focused on rebuilding small teams that are competing in ladders and online tournaments. At the height of our competitive activity PMS Clan had dozens of teams competing professionally all around the world. We are now re-activating our competitive roots and you’ll see most of our upcoming initiatives will be focused along the competitive play and particularly on raising the profiles of competitive women gamers.

How else can I support PMS Clan?

Support for the clan comes in a few ways:

  1. Leadership volunteers- We need people who are passionate and dedicated enough to help regrow our platforms, game divisions, marketing roles, live stream and more. Check out our Volunteer board here and see our open roles.
  2. Social and recruitment support - It’s critical that people know who we are and our message is spread. Follow us on social and help share important messages when we post them—especially recruiting posts. Tell your friends, your family, and anyone else to come join us!
  3. Sponsorship/Partnership - PMS Clan is beginning to rebuild its sponsors and partners. If you’re with a company who wishes to support our organization or players, please email

What is an "active" game division and how do I join one?

An active game division is one that has a group of players who have commited to regular game play sessions and game activities. Members themselves are also classified as "active" by participating in these divisions with two game sessions a week. Active members will get priority on game sessions, streaming opportunities, and other game dedicated activities. To see what games have active divisions please visit our recruitment section in our forums. Currently we are rebuilding our PC and PlayStation platforms and are looking for new leaders.

Do you have any rules or guidelines?

Yes, it’s important that we strive to make our community as safe, respectful and as inclusive as possible. We ask that all members, prospective recruits and community members read our code of conduct and harassment policies closely.

What is a clan "Buddy"?

A clan buddy is an active member who is assigned to a new recruit to help the transition process to a full member. They will help answer questions invite you to game sessions, play with you in spare time, etc. to help you get to know the clan and it’s members better.

Are there age restrictions to join?

The youth of today are our future for tomorrow and we believe passionately in providing them opportunity and room to evolve into our next generation of gamers. We pay particular attention to those members under the age of 13 to help provide them a safe environment. Anyone under the age of 13 asks for parental consent and we’re happy to discuss our organization

What if you don't have an active division on my game or platform?

We’re currently in the process of rebuilding active divisions or teams so if we don’t currently host a division on your game there are a couple of opportunities. To qualify as an “active” division each game must have at minimal 8 people who meet active requirements of 2 game sessions a week and the division must maintain this for at period of one month. Launching a division is the easiest way to join our leadership team as growing our support on games is something we value highly.
If you would like to create an active division in the clan you can:

  1. Post in discord or forum channels to find members that play that game and gauge interest.
  2. Recruit on other platform and game related forums for members to play with. You're welcome to officially apply as a division leader when you've built up a group of members who are able to meet the qualifications above.

How can I play competitively in the clan?

Competitive play comes from small teams within the clan and requires ranked matchmaking, ladders or tournaments to qualify as a competitive team. You can join an existing small team or recruit your own and then register it with the clan. As a small team you can get access to streaming/hosting from our channel, promotion from the clan. Small teams that rank high in competitions may get additional assistance based on performance. Your recruitment manager can help answer more questions.

Will you sponsor me/my team?

While PMS Clan is building up initiatives to promote and support players and teams, we are not actively sponsoring at this time and make no promise to do so. These initiatives can be expected to take some time. You should not join PMS Clan on the sole premise of obtaining sponsorship, you should join because you care about our mission. That said, we do want to know what top talent is out there. Those that do support our mission and feel they have the skill set to compete at the top level should join and speak to your recruitment manager or email

How can I stay up to date with information?

  1. Subscribe to our newsletter
  2. Follow us on social media for frequent updates
  3. Join our discord server and engage in the conversation
  4. Join our forums for more official announcements
  5. Check back regularly on the website for events, blogs and news

What do members get from joining?

The core reason you should join is being part of an awesome community that’s doing something special. That said members of our clan do get a few benefits:

  1. Opportunities to join volunteer roles to develop real world skills in leadership, marketing, design, editorial, live streaming, etc.
  2. Access Member Only sections of our forums and Discord channels
  3. Take part in exclusive contests, tournaments, and giveaways
  4. Streamlive on our PMS Clan Twitch channel (based on qualifications and approval)
  5. Join or create official competitive teams with other members that are promoted through the clan
  6. Opportunities to work industry related events and attend VIP mixers as possible