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This Week in PMS Clan: November 2, 2020

It’s been a month since we started this weekly article. Hopefully you’re finding it your one-stop-shop for all things PMS Clan! If you have any suggestions or feedback, let us know in our PMS Clan Discord.

We kick off our Extra Life streams this week! Stop by our Twitch channel and tune in for all the goodies we’ve got planned. You can find out more about our Extra Life efforts here.

PMS Clanniversary

Did you know that this time 18 years ago, the PMS Clan was originally founded?! Can you imagine that? Eighteen years of female badassery in gaming! We would love to hear about your fondest PMS Clan memories. Share with us on Twitter your stories!

Discord Quote of the Week

While gaming is our main thing, it’s not our only thing! A bunch of us have some pretty awesome hobbies that we like to share with the community. One of them is building toy models and boy, do we have a delicious treat for you from Community Engagement Team member, MythicPink PMS. While it may look like a normal cup of noodles, it really isn’t! Check out the model below and try not to pour hot water in it.

Got other hobbies you’d like to share? Post about it on Discord.

Division Sessions

We’ve got some pretty neato burrito divisions. Come check out our sessions schedule below. If you’d like to join, hit up the captain for an invite.

Tune in next week, same time, same place!

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