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This Week in PMS Clan: December 28th, 2020

Another week, another This Week in PMS Clan, where we fill you in on what you missed, what’s coming up, and what’s what of what.

The New Year is Almost Upon Us!

This year has been a hot garbage of a rollercoaster, to say the least. Well, at least we didn't get aliens . . . right?

What are you hopeful for next year? Are we still doing resolutions, or are we getting a break? We wish you all a better 2021 and a safe, fun, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!



To celebrate the end of an awful year (please?!?), our Community Engagements Team has planned a New Year's Eve countdown gaming event on December 31st! Starting at 11 PM ET, we'll be hosting the countdown for each U.S. time zone (ET, CT, MT, PT) on our PMS Clan Twitch channel. In 1-hour intervals, a different streamer will play a different game and countdown to midnight. Join us in the channel chat or our Discord server to get an invite to the games!


MythicPink PMS 11 PM ET Among Us

Rei Yureimx007 H2O 11 PM CT (12 AM ET) League of Legends


Vira PMS 11 PM PT (2 AM ET) Phasmophobia



Our very own SammichMakr PMS and phelixia PMS have an Overwatch PC Teams server! They're putting together a small tournament for Gold/Platinum teams in early January. We would love to see a PMS team compete! If you don't have a team, they do have some openings you can try out for.

Definitely check out their server for more information about the tournament, learn some tips, and see what the server is about! Say "hi" and let them know we sent you! *The server is opt-in btw for anyone that does check it out. Have to react to the rule set to get access to anything else*


Discord Showcase

If you're not following the PMS Clan TikTok, scroll through the #clips_and_shots channel on our PMS Clan Discord server, where our members show off talented, clutch, funny, and beautiful gaming clips and scenes. Below is a sneak peek of what you'll find.

Clip from MythicPink PMS "Queen of Combat's best play & the other team being a good sport."

Various images from our PMS Clan members.

Clip from xo Euphoria xo: "This isn’t an awesome five man streak, it’s just when I threw a grenade at someone and their body flew."


Join the PMS Clan by filling out an application HERE!!

Division Sessions

We’ve got tons of folks that get together on the regular to play. If you’re interested in joining any of our divisions, check out the schedules below and hit up the captains for an invite.

But wait, there’s more…

PMS Clan Streaming Schedule

We have streams daily on our Twitch Channel ( You can find all of our upcoming streams on the PMS Clan Streaming Schedule.

Come Join the Team!

The new year is almost upon us and we’re looking to expand our reach! To do that, we’re looking for eager folks, looking to get a leg up in the gaming industry. Even if you don’t think you’re up to snuff, we’re here to help you out! We have positions open for our Twitch Team, Community Engagement Team, Social Media Team, and our Editorial Team (where you can write cool articles like this one!). Check them all out and apply today!

Come back again next week, y’all!

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