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Thank You from the PMS Clan

Today we want to thank our PMS Clan volunteer staff.

Thank you for being apart of our mission and being the solid foundation for our community.

Division staff, you help introduce gamers to a safe and fun gaming environment:

Recruitment Managers

Many times you are the first contact for newcomers and recruits. Thank you for not only bridging connections and bringing in new faces, but also for presenting a welcoming and friendly first impression.

Experience Managers

You've taken on two roles: Community Manager and Sessions Manager. Merging these positions brings more options for you to boost morale and keep divisions exciting. Thank you for creating fun events and listening and acting on your members' session needs.

Division Leaders

You're the face of your divisions and and manage the team. Many times this can be daunting and overwhelming role, but it also gives you a chance to help build and lead a division to success. Thank you for not only managing all aspects of your division behind the scenes, but also for working with and listening to your team to make your divisions fun, inviting, and safe.


You hold all of the divisions together. Without you it would be impossible to manage all our divisions, build up platforms from scratch, and be there for division staff when they need your help/guidance. Thank you for your dedication and willingness to see our divisions succeed.

Operations Team, you all are the bread and butter to our community:

Stream Managers & Streamers

Thank you for bringing our PMS Clan Twitch channel back to life! Stream Managers, thanks to your training and patience, you've turned many of our members into streamers. Putting together a great team of streamers has helped us surpass our charity goals and grow our Twitch channel. We look forward to more stream events next year. Streamers, you are the face of the PMS Clan brand; each one of you brings something unique, making our Twitch channel stand out. Thanks to you, we were able to raise money (surpassing our goals) for The Trevor Project and Extra Life this year. Without all of your hard work and commitment we wouldn't have a successful Twitch channel.

Community Engagement Team

Thank you for your dedication to the PMS Clan community. Your presence in our Discord server is always friendly and welcoming, ensuring our mission to create a safe space is upheld. Also, you helped organize over 25 events/contests this year! We really cannot wait to see what you come up with next.


In a short amount of time you've improved our blog and brought more people the PMS Clan website. You are a talented writer with great ideas and a wonderful ability to inject personality and fun into your posts. Thank you for diversifying and pumping new life into our blog.


Thank you for protecting our servers and Twitch streams from all the trolls! You're quick to jump in when there's trouble also help a lot to keep our community safe and show others they are welcome here. Without you, yikes, we would be in serious trouble.


Thank you for donating your creativity to our social initiatives, various announcements, and other miscellaneous things we think of (sometimes last minute). You make us look good, and without you, no one would know what PMS Clan is at first glance. Your designs help call attention to us, our goals, our events, and so much more.

The PMS Clan Community

Last but no least, we want to thank our entire community of members for playing with each other, participating in our events, helping each other, bridging connections, and everything in between! We are thankful for each and every one of you!

We'd love to hear from you!

Hop on over to the #global channel on our Discord server and let us know what you are most thankful for: maybe it's a member, an event, or just the community as a whole.

Thank you
Image inspired by Demon Devs

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