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Staff Member Spotlight: xo Euphoria xo

We already know that we have a great little corner of the internet carved out with the PMS Clan but that doesn’t just happen by accident! The members of our inclusive video game community are who define us and we want you to see them for how awesome they are.

February’s Staff Member of the Month is xo Euphoria xo! She is known for her outgoing personality, positive attitude, and quality work as a Recruitment Manager for our Call of Duty Division! We’ve all seen the effort she puts into everything she does for the clan, and this month, we would like to offer our thanks, respect, and appreciation! Thank you Jess for being so wonderful and such an outstanding member of PMS Clan!

xo Euphoria xo

How long have you been in the Clan?

I joined in November 2019, so a little bit over a year.

How did you hear about PMS Clan and what made you decide to join?

I heard about the clan through the good ol’ Google search. What made me decide to join was the inviting atmosphere.

What's the best part of what you do here?

The best part of what I do here is being the first point of contact when someone wants to recruit into the division. Me getting to know individuals and building a friendship with them brings me a lot of joy as well as showing people around.

What was your first session like?

My first session was soooo much fun. We played Michael Myers in a customs lobby. It was a scary game of hide and seek with a lot of laughter and screams.

What divisions have you been in?

The divisions I have been in are the COD and Destiny Division.

What do you love most about video games as a player?

What I love most about video games is the social aspect. The fact that I get to play games with people around the world to me is still somewhat crazy. It’s always better to defeat a boss or wander into a zombie infested room with a friend.

What’s your favorite video game related thing that’s not a video game? (Poster, old strategy guide, classic console, collectibles)

My favorite video game related thing is the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack. All the soundtracks for each game are so good, don’t make me choose one!

What is your favorite TV show or Anime?

My favorite TV show or Anime is Sailor Moon

What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is Black

What chore do you absolutely hate doing?

My most hated chore is folding laundry


Each spotlight comes with our members chiming in with feedback surrounding our staff member. We gathered nothing short of great things about xo Euphoria xo.

She’s so on top of recruitment it’s insane. She’s making sure to schedule sessions that are time friendly for recruits, is in sessions multiple times a week being friendly and talking to members and recruits to know more about them. ~ PMS Hoodychu

She is one of the nicest most kind hearted people I have met. ~ H2O Locke

Boops is incredible! She made sure I felt super welcomed into the clan and the division. She is absolutely deadly in multiplayer. Plus she is so much fun to play with. ~ PMS Incognerdo

She is the sweetest knowledgeable most awesomest person ever and I wouldn’t have had the seamless assimilation into this family without her. ~ PMS Pandas

She's amazing! So funny and super attentive. ~ PMS PyroIceAngel

Amazing, awesome, kind, and funny are the first words that come to mind. She is always down for a good time and makes every session we play with her fun! PMS MysticMystery

There for you when you need someone to talk to and who's upbeat energy is contagious. She will probably be modest about the spotlight, but she deserves it!~ H2O Nomad

Boopies was basically the reason I got hooked and had interests in wanting to be involved in PMS beyond simply existing as a member. She made me go "Oh, if more people here are like her then this place will probably be really good." ~ Saltzman

10/10 teamkiller, would game with again! When not busy betraying her teammates she is an absolutely amazing recruitment manager who always goes above & beyond for the new members joining us ~ Gilly H2O

Boopies has been a manager for quite some time now and has always done a proficient job of it. She processes new recruits quickly and is always on top of the applications that come in. ~ Demon Devs

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