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This Week In PMS: March 29th, 2021

Another week, another This Week in PMS Clan, where we fill you in on what you missed, what’s coming up, and what’s what of what. This week we announce upcoming events, and details on how to donate to our upcoming charity event for Black Girls CODE.

Upcoming Event

Peek-A-Boo, we sus you!

When: Saturday April 3rd

Time: 9PM ET

Platform: PC/Mobile/Switch

Charity Event

We are in the process of putting together a charity stream for Black Girls CODE

Who they are and what they do

Founded on the pillars of empowerment and education, Black Girls CODE is dedicated to leveling the playing field for girls of color in STEM. Through our tech education-focused programming and initiatives—designed for girls and young women between the ages of 7 to 17—we aim to inspire youth to become innovators in STEM fields, leaders in their communities, and builders of their own futures.
Black Girls CODE started in San Francisco with 8 girls sharing 6 computers learning how to write lines of code and since our inception, we have served over 20,000 students through 15 chapters across the United States and South Africa. Our goal is to teach 1 million girls how to code by 2040.
At Black Girls CODE we are on a mission to change the narrative surrounding racial and gender diversity in STEM and create safe spaces where Black girls can see themselves reflected in tech innovation. We strive to empower our girls to go from consumers to creators and use technology as an avenue to be agents of change.

How to Support the Cause

◊ Make a donation. Every donation counts. Even $1 makes an impact. Will you donate the first $1 today to kickstart our fundraising?

Donation Link:

◊ Attend the LIVE Stream - Date is TBA but it will be in April, be sure to turn on the #📢announcements role via Discord to get notified of updates!

◊ Share the charity social from our Facebook and Twitter pages!


But wait, there’s more…

PMS Clan Streaming Schedule

We have streams daily on our Twitch Channel ( You can find all of our upcoming streams on the PMS Clan Streaming Schedule.

Discord Showcase

Scrolling through the #global_chat on our PMS Clan Discord server every week is a hoot. You see so many different clever gifs describing everyone’s day, how they’re feeling, or just responses to one another.

Screenshots & Clips!

We have a channel on discord dedicated to showcasing your best plays, clutch or funny moments. We post the clips frequently on our TikTok channel, and screenshots on Saturdays on our Twitter and Instagram pages! Be sure to head to #clips_and_shots in our discord server to share your videos and screenshots!

PMS Clan Open Positions

We’re looking to expand our reach! To do that, we’re looking for eager folks, looking to get a leg up in the gaming industry. Even if you don’t think you’re up to snuff, we’re here to help you out! We have positions open for our Twitch Team, Community Engagement Team, Social Team and our Editorial Team (where you can write cool articles like this one!). Check them all out and apply today!

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