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This Week in PMS Clan: October 12, 2020

Welcome to another edition of This Week in PMS Clan, where we fill you in on all the haps that’s going on! Read on for more.

Jackbox Ladies Night recap

PMS Clan Ladies Night on Jackbox

Over the weekend, the ladies of the PMS Clan gathered ‘round for a night of hilarity on some Jackbox games. While we can’t go over all the explicit, but very clean *wink* fun, we do want to thank everyone who participated!

If you have any suggestions for any game nights you’d like to see, let us know on our Twitter!

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Speaking of Twitter, did you know that we’re also on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch?

Like, subscribe, and follow us on all platforms to keep in touch with all the things we’ve got going on, or you can continue to tune in weekly in our This Week in PMS Clan articles. :)

Fallout 76 Community Game Night

Fallout 76 Community Game Night

Fellow Vault Hunters! It’s not too late to join us tonight, Monday, October 12 at 9PM EST for a night in the Wasteland. Sign up to our Xbox Fallout 76 CGN here.

Among Us Community Game Night

Among Us Game Night

If you can’t wander the wasteland with us tonight, you’ll have a chance to point fingers at each other on Among Us tomorrow, Tuesday, October 13th at 8PM EST. The game is free on mobile and $5 on Steam for you PC gamers out there. Sign up to be the imposter here.

Discord Quote of the Week

Did you know that there’s a lot more going on in our Discord channel than messages about practices, Willem Dafoe deep fake gifs, and Mr. Meeseeks warning folks for using all caps? We talk about what TV show currently feeds our viewing addictions, we trades jokes with one another, and this week’s Quote of the Week, which is more of a Channel of the Week, our #food channel.

I may be typing this up because I’m hungry and seeing a channel full of delicious delicacies is whetting my appetite, but it’s always nice to know what everyone is nom-ing on.

Feast your eyes on some of the yummy yum yums folks have shared below:

Join in on the discussions here, but also share your family’s best tasting recipes so we can all give it a try!

Division Sessions

Not part of the PMS Clan, but interested in joining in on one of our divisions' many sessions? Look no further! Here's the schedule for each of our divisions, including our newly created Dead by Daylight division!! All you have to do is ping the Session Captain for the game you'd like to play and you'll get yourself an invite! If you're looking to participate more on a weekly basis, consider joining our ranks and recruit in!

But wait, there's more!

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Community Game Night

Call of Duty Cold War Beta Community Game Night

The upcoming Call of Duty game will soon be upon us, but if you’re still not sure whether you’ll get it or not, the beta will be open for all platforms on October 17-18! To take advantage of this event, the PMS Clan is having a Cold War Beta Community Game Night on Sunday, October 18th at 7PM EST. Join us, bring a friend or 5, and let’s see how many pew pews we can pew in the night! Sign up here.

Halo Community Game Night

Halo Community Game Night

Looking for a night space pew-ing with Master Chief? Come play with us on Halo: The Master Chief Collection on October 24th at 8PM EST. Make sure you sign up and join us here.

Catch us again next week, same time, same place!

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