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The Best of Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription that includes a diverse catalog of games for both Xbox consoles and Windows PC, with this signature you can download and play more than one hundred games, and more games are added every month. Some fan favorite games are ''Grand Theft Auto 5'' , ''Outlast 2'' , ''Halo'' and Gears Of War franchise, Resident Evil 7 , Fallout and The Elder Scrolls : Skyrim. The benefits don't stop there, Microsoft often offers benefits for subscribers, and if that wasn't enough, Xbox Game Pass also include EA Play in their catalog, meaning you can also download for free games under the EA flag. In this list I introduce my favorite games available with a Xbox Game Pass subscription, maybe to convince someone to try a new game or for you to put a new favorite on the top of your to play list. This list is spoiler free.


Age Of Empires Definitive Edition

The most famous franchise of Real Strategy Game with a legacy over 20 years and dozen of titles. Command troops through history with different civilizations, ships, war horses, archers and infantry, master and advance in age to conquer your enemies. Currently available in the Xbox Game Pass for PC, Definitive Edtion includes all three major Age of Empires games with enchanced graphics, mechanics and some new features, if you are a fan of RTS game so make sure to check it out.


Star Wars Battlefront II

Remake of the classic Star Wars Battlefront II from 2005, a game with various kinds of modes, in which you can play as the Stormtrooper, a Clone or a Rebel, capture your enemy territory, embark on epic starship fights and choose your favorite hero or villain to duel with your friends, including some epic names like Leia, Luke, Darth Vader, Anakin and Yoda, destroy the enemy team with the Force or a old school blaster, if you are a Star Wars fan be sure to check it out this game, I promise you won't regret.


The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion

Predecessor of the famous Skyrim, Oblivion was originally launched in march, 2006 for PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows. Oblivion still is one of the most best rpg ever, with a strong and well written main quest line, thousands of quests and playing hour, a fun combat system and good graphics, everything in this game make him unique even the clumsily AI, before going straight to Skyrim make sure to check it out his predecessor, a equally perfect rpg that surely deserves a remake. Create your hero and close shut the jaws of Oblivion.


Fallout 4

Winner in BAFTA of the Game of the Year back in 2016, Fallout 4 is one the most solid modern rpg made. With a well written main history and creative misc missions, embark in a journey on the Commowealth in a post apocalypse scenario after a Atomic War. Recruit followers, start a romance with one and build settlements, while also defeding yourself against mutants creatures like giant crabs, super mutant, radioactive giant scorpion and mosquitos , you can easily get lost on this map map and forget about the main questline, although some franchise fans don't appreciate it, Fallout 4 is a strong game on his one without being bound by his predecessors and deserves a spot in this list.


A Plague Tale Innocence

The more ''unique'' game on this list. A Plague Tale is a survival horror developed by Asobo Studio back in 2019. Follow the history of Amicia and her brother Hugo while they escaped the Black Plague, a thing that devours anything It comes across, Amicia seeks a special potion to heal her brother disease, in the meantime she needs to defend herself and Hugo against Inquisition Soldiers who seek to take him away. Avoid dectetion and combat at all cost, solve puzzles to scare away hungry flesh eater rats and get ready for a great narrative, A Plague Tale is a most play game, especially if you enjoy games like Outlast and Hellblade.


Dragon Age Origins

Most rpg lovers will certainly know this title, and the chances are high that you already played it, but some Xbox Pass users may be unaware of this masterpiece. In this game you can choose between being a elf, dwarf or human, mage, warrior or rogue, each with his own backstory and origins. You play as a Warden, after some ''war issues'' you need to get ready for a ultimate battle, travel across Fereldan, fight in a real time combat or a more tactical one, deploy magic and cut though the foes with swords and dagger, while falling in love with some cute teammate, who says you can't find love in a war. This game will keep you busy for months, just watch out for your moral choices, they will matter in the future.


Alien Isolation

Possibly the best modern horror modern. Alien Isolations is situated in the universe of Alien (the scfi horror film franchise). You play as Amanda Ripley, with a simple mission to retrieve the Nostromos black box, but of course, trouble awaits you. This game outplayed modern horror games with well written characters, voice cast and a extremely smart AI even on low difficulties, Alien Isolation is not for the fearful heart or somebody who don't like to feel watched and chased all the time, your enemy is literraly in every corner, if you are a horror game fan or a Xenomorph lover, be sure to check this game and start downloading right now.


Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

Recently added on the catalog, Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is the remastered version of the same game launched back in 2006 for PS2, this game becomed a hit and one of the most remarkable titles of the Final Fantasy franchise. Final Fantasy XII is unique in terms of plot, a political approach with fantasy elements, this game is like a Star Wars combined with Lord of The Rings and is perfect. Fight to reclaim a throne and overthrow an aspiring tyrant, Final Fantasy The Zodiac Age mix it the best of the franchise in a scifi like masterpiece.


Batman Arkham Knight

The conclusion of Arkham triology, drive with the batmobile and fly across Gotham City, a epic end of the triology, fight against the Scarecrow plot to destroy Gotham and a new villain, a person who himself Arkham Knight, Batman true identity is in danger thanks to this new enemy, Batman is forced to defend Gotham City while also defende the ones his love. Personally I'm not into heroes video games, but Arkham Knight bring such a melancholy and surprising environment, alonside incredible graphics, gameplay and a amazing voice cast like Kevin Conroy, Tara Strong , Grey Griffin , Mark Hamill, Tasia Valenza and Troy Baker, sometimes the games come out the same as the HQ they were inspired, but this game bring something different, a gloomy and sad story, and the person behind Batman mask.


Final Fantasy X/X-2

First, I sorry to put two Final Fantasy in this list, but trust me this game deserve the top spot on this list. Final Fantasy X is the perfect RPG and by far the best Square Enix (Square Soft) title, drama, romance, high fantasy and comedy all mix together in perfect recipe. The game follow the story of Yuna, a young woman who is on a pilgramage to destroy Sin, a creature who destroy everything It comes across, oficially Tidus, a guy who gets transported to ''another world'' is the official protagonist, but I know best. Explore Spira, fight super tough enemies, enjoy a flawless soundtrack and the iconic voice perfomance by Hedy Burress as Yuna and James Arnold Taylor as Tidus. Really, I just love this game, please download it.

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