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Survivors And Killers We Would Love to See In Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight is a game developed by Behaviour Interactive and lauched in 2016. Over the years has won several fans thanks to his unique gameplay. One of the reasons people appreciate this game is because you get to play with some of your favorite characters, although it isn't a perfect game, Dead By Daylight receives updates every month, graphics update and new cosmetics. Over the years, Dead By Daylight added eight licensed survivors and more seven licensed killers, some names brought attention to the game, like the Strangers Things Chapter and the Sillent Hill installment. Fan discuss which new characters could be add, due to copyright some icons like Jason Voorhess could never join in the Frog, but fans never gives up hope to one day be chase and murder by Mr.Voorhess. Despite that, Behaviour tries it best to bring us with our favorite villans and survivors, after all we got Laurie Strode, Steve Harrington, Michael Myers, Leatherface and Demogorgon. But deep down inside, we never actually satisfied, so I bring a list of five killers and survivors that we could see some day, or serve as inspiration to others original characters. Be advise, this list may contain minor spoilers for the respective films.


Hellraiser Chapter: Pinhead and Kirsty Cotton

Hellraiser is a 1990 horror film directed and create by Clive Barker, it also debuted Barker as a director. Pinhead is a common name among Dead By Daylight fan, and in every list you can find his name for new possibles killers, a ruthless, cold and ironic soul, Pinhead goal is to tortured people who seek pleasure, a demonic force who the Entity could certainly bound to It world to torture and sacrifice survivors. Although, Kirsty wouldn't be far behind, the ultimate final girl of the franchise trick and outplay the Cenobites multiple times, a woman of strenght, courage and the intelligence to deceive immortal demoniac beings, with Clive Barker regaining Hellraiser rights maybe we could see Pinhead and Kirsty Cotton on the Trial.


The Jeepers Creepers Chapter: The Creeper And Trish Jenner

A underrated horror 00s horror flick, Jeepers Creepers brought us a ancient, demonic like creature who hunts for 23 days every 23rd Spring, he can survive decapitation, dismemberment and to be shot, his damaged members can be easily replace when It eats somebody else, so if you try to take his head, The Creeper could easily kill you and take your member. A creature who choose his victim and chases them until he's sucessfull or his time is over. Triss and Darry Jenner were the first to meet this thing, thanks to Darry's curiosity, the sibling become target of the immortal demon. Triss deserves the spotlight for actually survive the Creeper, while her brother was frightnend most of the film, Trish kept her rationality. The Creeper is already trained on chase and murder people, while Trish is the ultimate survivor. Maybe Darry can also join as a legendary skin.


The Thing Chapter : The Unknow Organism and Kate Lloyd

The Thing (2011) is a underrated film, while some CGI surely damage the flicker, it still is a good title thanks to his loyality to the 1982 film with the same name, history development and the fact that they didn't try to copy the sequel. Kate Llyod is a palaeontologist invite to dig up a frozen unknown life form. While her male colleagues fight with each other and freak out, Kate is the only who is rational and prevents everyone of leaving in order to stop the Organism for spreading. Kate was the leader and the person who made the best decisions, a woman who challanged everyone and make decisions that nobody else want to. The Organism would be a great pick for the Entity, although it would kill and assimilate the survivors instead of sacrifice them, still what a better way to destroy the survivors estability with a creature that could become a person.


Jennifer's Body Chapter : Jennifer Check and Needy Lesnicki

A unpopular opinion, I know, but you can't deny her uniquess. Jennifer's Body is a 2009 horror/comedy flicker , it was healivy criticized at it's lauch, but after years it become a cult gem thanks to the feminist features. After a unsuccessfully ritual, a girl body is possessed by a succubus demon, then she start to seduced and eat boys to stay young and beautiful. Jennifer would be a decent ally for the Entity, one who could easily be mistake for a survivor and strike while they are alone. Although, her best friend Needy wouldn't sit and let her late BFF go on another slaughter, Needy faced and kill a demon, a girl ready to do the right thing, even if it is to harm the person who once was her friend.

Honorable Mention

The Ju-On Chapter : Kayako Saeki and Rika Nishina

Ju-On is one of the best horror films ever made, both Ju-On The Curse and Ju-on The Grudge shine as a strong horror story, with unsettiling scenarios, scary soundtrack , melodic and captivating environment. Nobody survives the Ju-On, and the curse is always reborn, Kayako also can't be destroy and the only way to survive her anger is to avoid getting near her former house. Rika Nishina was the first protagonist of the franchise, while taking care of a old lady, she was cursed, despite her efforts to end the curse, Rika eventually failed. The young woman was courageuos, protective over her friend and proved to be a person of resolve. Sure, we have The Spirit, a killer who was clearly inspired by the onryo myth, but Kayako deserves a spot for be a unstoppable vengeful spirit, who can't be exorcised and always reborn through her victim. I'm not sure if the Entity could control such power.


The Alien Chapter : Xenomorph Warrior and Ellen Ripley .

I couldn't make a list without a survivor who could actually slay the killer, amd my pick was Ellen Ripley. Alien is a 1979 sci-fi horror film directed by Ridley Scott. After a member of the USCSS Nostromos brought a organism into the spaceship everything goes downfall. Xenomorph is a perfect organism, and could kill most of the survivors with little efforts thanks to his speed, strenght and stealth ability. But Ellen Ripley also comes along to destroy the organism once more, a woman of unmatchable strenght, adaptable and ready to destroy any creature. Ellen would be too much for any killer to handle, but she would be a perfect addition to the game.

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Furied Fate
Furied Fate
May 09, 2021

I haven't played it much,but what about characters from the Scream series? Ghostface was pretty iconic. Or even, I Know What You Did Last Summer.

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