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Staff Member Spotlight: MythicPink PMS

MythicPink PMS (Malia) has been nominated by the CET and her fellow staff for August’s Staff Member of the Month for her dedication and overwhelmingly positive attitude! We’ve all seen the effort she puts into everything she does for the clan, and this month, we would like to offer our thanks, respect, and appreciation! Thank you Malia for being so wonderful and such an outstanding member of our community! Keep up the amazing work!


What is your background with PMS?

Video games have been a hobby of mine since I was 10 years old. After finishing college in 2013, I started my gender transition and I was scared of interacting with anyone on online multiplayer. People who start their transition are stuck in the middle of two binaries and I needed a support group in a sense. I was looking for a place where I wouldn’t feel alienated and could feel accepted for who I am. In September 2013, I found a gaming community called PMS Clan: a group of respectful ladies and gents who gave me a safe space to be myself and play video games. I was very shy at first and as I continued to feel accepted, I learned to open up and accept myself in the same way. The friends that I have made have helped shape me into someone I'm proud to be today.

Was there a specific experience you had that made you want to work with PMS?

I was just so in love with the community and the mission that I wanted to support it in any way I could.

If you could give advice to someone looking to be in a staff position, or someone who simply wants to make a difference in PMS what would you tell them?

Thank you. Thank you for wanting to step up. You will have our support. If you have any questions, ask away. Please recognize your responsibility

What inspires you to put in all of your extra effort?

I believe in the mission, to maintain a great environment for people to play within. I am a servant for the members of my community and my squad(s). I want to make experiences worth staying for.

What's your favorite memory/experience in PMS?

My favorite memory isn’t within a game or a lobby. It’s the time someone in this community helped me grow as a person. I used to be a not so nice person. Someone gave me harsh criticism that was difficult to hear but it was what I needed to know.

What talent would you most like to grow and develop?

I’m trying to learn Japanese. I've taken course 101 twice and course 102 just this year. My biggest struggle is vocabulary but I’m great at writing kana.

What game do you wish you could replay for the first time again?

Hmmmmmmm. Halo 2. Back in the day, I had a lot of fun playing through the campaign story, multiplayer and breaking the game with glitches. My Halo friends played game types that became staples for the entire series. I’m happy to have lived through that history.

What has been your favorite staff position to hold in the Clan so far?

Along with my partners, I’m glad to have helped build the Estro-Naughts squad. It’s very nice to build a community with less red tape. So that has been my favorite position by far. If you could live in any gaming fictional world, which world would you choose?

The first gaming world that comes to mind is Skyrim. I could be a barmaid in a Whiterun tavern, serving drinks to Argonians and Khajiit. I'd have to resist the urge to pet a Khajiit. They are so fluffy. Sure it could be dangerous living in a world where I could be instantly incinerated but there are plenty of guards to defend our city. I will seek service to the Jarl and help establish a dragon early warning system. What are your top three favorite music artist?

It's hard to choose. I would say my top three could include: RADWIMPS who I found through films like Your Name and Weathering With You. I can't leave out Coldplay while I own shirts for every concert they've had. I listened to Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends on repeat. The last one will have to be Martin O'Donnell for his work on the Halo Soundtrack. He was near the top when I sorted my artists by song count. My favorite tracks would be Outskirts Suite from Halo 2 and Tip of the Spear from Halo Reach.

We’ve reached out to her peers and asked around. We heard some wonderful things!

She is dedicated to her squad, her friends, her streaming schedule and any operational things behind the scenes that she is involved in. You can count on her to host a session, host her stream consecutively and to be welcoming to everyone. Plus she loves meetings and I love meetings, we BOTH LOVE meetings!! ~ Ovaryacting PMS Mythic is not only a wonderful leader that's caring and community focused. She's just awesome to be around and to play with. Encouraging and delight, getting online is always pleasant knowing I’ve got good friends like mythic to play with. ~ Snowstorm00

Hard worker, a great friend, does a lot for the community. Gave me a warm welcome into the Halo division. ~ PMS CombatQueen

MythicPink has always been dedicated and helpful for clan sessions and fundraisers. I always enjoy playing Halo sessions with her and hearing her distinctive laugh. It always brings a smile to my face. ~ RamboRachel

Mythic is like a hummingbird. She is very dedicated in the clan since halo 4 she supports and understands any new individual she meets. While in the session she is very fun and the best part is having her drive a warthog jeep as butties to do slayer with. ~ H2O Lone Wolf

Mythic is an incredible teacher. I have just recently come back to playing Halo and it was like learning how to ride a bike all over again. Mythic was right there pushing my Halo bike with no training wheels and just let go. She has incredible patience and an amazing passion for the game and her squad. To have that patience for a player with virtually zero skill is incredible. I still really have no skills and she's still right there. She encourages you to be better and nudges you out of your comfort zone so you can unlock your full potential and cheers you on the entire way. I love playing with her. We've had nights where sessions have ended and we have stayed on for several hours after just playing and laughing. And that's one of the best environments in the gaming community that you want to be a part of. Laughing until you're crying or talking about serious stuff and getting amazing advice then go back to laughing until your stomach hurts. She's one of my favorite people to play with because on top of everything else she just has such an infectious laugh. You just can't help yourself around her! ~ PMS Tangableaura Mythic is always willing to help out whether it's with graphics, event ideas, or general clan stuff. She's not afraid to ask questions or provide feedback to help with improvements. Her participation with charity events and other streams is so appreciated and has been a really great help to the clan. Congratulations! ~ RaylaDevine PMS

Have you ever traveled around and gotten lost? You're out and about and meet some folks, hopefully learn some things, maybe try one or two new things you didn't think you would. After a while you start forgetting what the streets and people were like back home so you figure it's time to go walk around your old town a bit. There's some faces you thought might still be there and a couple nice surprises. Mythic is one of those nice surprises. A person who you remember making spaces better with her presence. A person who, from the outside, seemed to have found a part of the puzzle that she fit into perfectly. And once she found purchase, her place seemed cemented as if she had already been since the beginning. And so, as I would with an old friend whose company made hard times easier, I hope these words bring comfort and the knowledge that your impact on others has been felt in ways that only the efforts of genuine kindness can create. ~ H2O Gunner

MythicPink is one of a kind. Not only is she super nice and funny, she is very brave and hard working too. I am very happy to see her part of the PMS operation team. She makes amazing graphics, is brave to be in front of a camera for the stream team and always does a good job when it comes to helping put events together. Very lucky to have her!! Thank you for everything you do Mythic. ~ Rabbit PMS

Malia is honestly the kindest person I have ever met. She’s done so much for me and got me out of a truly awful situation. I’m so grateful to her that words just can't do it justice. She deserves the world <3 ~ Loki PMS Mythic thanks for being the amazing player that you are on halo/fighting games and how enthusiastic you are to try new things and great at helping others and trying to help promote every event we have had on the clan as of lately or have some hand and have such a great upbeat attitude all around and being a coolio person to be. ~ Rei Yureimx007 H2O

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