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Resident Evil Characters Who Are Underrated

The Resident Evil franchise is the mother of many amazing and memorable characters, while some are hate, others are loved and appreaciated. But a few names are forgotten and fans dont show enough love for them.

Few games franchise could be sucessuful as Resident Evil without resorting to reboot, simply to restart the story for a new one to be made. Although over the years gameplay undergone several change, the characters was always the essence and that didn't change as much. While some characters are placed in several installment and given the chance to shine, a great numbers of characters are doomed into oblivion, either by lack of deveploment, which induces players to hate them, or by merely being push aside .

On this list I bring eight characters that aren't appreaciate enough, either as a playable hero or a tough villain.


Piers Nivans

Introduced in the manga Resident Evil : The Marhawa Desire, Piers only won his development in the sixth installment of the franchise. A young man of determination, strenght and focused, who firmly defends what he believes. Formally a soldier in the US Army, Nivans was placed in the BSSA under the command of Chris Redfield. During the events of Resident Evil 6, Piers confronts Chris, his superior, several times about Redfield's deny of past events involving his formal teammates. Despite being forgotten mid way into his development, Piers shines as a strong, loyal and ready to sacrifice himself for the general good.


Alyssa Ashcroft

One of the Raccoon City’s survivors and the many playble choise in Resident Evil Outbreak, a reporter of unmatched ambition and sense of justice. A woman determined to always get the truth behind her stories. As a rookie, Alyssa chased a rumour about a hospital being bribed to test illegal drugs on their pacients. Ashcroft survived zombies and B.O.W in Raccoon City’s outbreak, despite all the horror she faced it, Alyssa was ready to exposed Umbrella and linked them to the bioweapons used on the city. Later, wrote a article about the mysterious disappearences surrouding Dulvey, Louisiana. Alyssa is the Woman who is not afraid to actually face the big villain. And if this isn’t her best quality, Alyssa can pick locks without a Skeleton Key.


Svetlana Belikova

I couldn’t make a list without a villain, and my choice was the former presidente of the Eastern Slav Republic. A rigid and diplomatic woman, the first female president of her nation and a former combat instructor. Despite not being a genuinely good person, Stetlana surely deserves a spot on this list for two big reasons, she beat both Ada and Leon on fair hand-to-hand combat without being infected with any type of virus that grants superpowers. She also keep a bodyguard only for display. Despite Leon and Ada being on the cast, Svetlana shines in Resident Evil : Damnation as the antagonist.


Karena LesProux ''Lupo''

A elite operative who worked for Umbrella Corporation and was trusted to destroy all evidences of Umbrella involvement in Raccoon City's Outbreak. A former French Special Forces soldier and a mom, Lupo worked as a mercenary in order to provide for her children. She acted as the Wolfpack leader and thanks to her leadership a emotional bond between her and the Wolfpack was formed, the team even nicknamed her as their ''Wolf Mother''. By the end of Resident Evil : Operation Raccoon City, you can either make Lupo choose between being the ultimate loyal Umbrella soldier or a woman who defy Umbrella and promised to destroy the corporation operations. Lupo is the person who will complete her goal in any circumstances, they being bad or good ones.


Natalia Korda

Much more then a little girl, Natalia was orphaned by the Terragrigia Outbreak, her trauma was so much that left her unable to feel fear, for that reason she was chosen by Alex Wesker for the t-Phobos Project. In Resident Evil : Revelations 2, Natalia helped Barry on his mission to find Moira. A introverted and shy girl, but who fought both Afllicted and Rottens with a brick. Natalia also struggled with ''Dark Natalia'' and was challenged by her dark self to cross the island full of Uroboros creatures know as Revenant in order to find Lottie, the teddy bear ,and Natalia took that as a peaceful stroll in the woods. Literally a fearless girl. Valient, clever and determined , Natalia survived Sejm Island and could survive anything life throw at her.


Rebecca Chambers

Member of the original Resident Evil squad, Rebecca was a rookie and acted to meet S.T.A.R.S Bravo Team' s medical needs due to her knowledge in biochemistery. In Resident Evil Zero, Rebecca is separeted from the team and forced into the Ecliptic Express, a private train full with mutant leeches, zombies and giant insects wanting to devour her, sure Billy Coen was there to help her, but Rebecca proved she could handle any B.O.W. After her escape from the Express, Rebecca rejoin her team on Spencer Mansion, and once again find herself fighting B.O.W. She was added on the cast of Resident Evil : Vendetta, but wasn't given a chance to shine , serving only as a support character for both Chris and Leon. Despite being a S.T.A.R.S member, Rebecca wasn't experienced like her teammates, fighting the odds, Rebecca proved to be brave, cunning and a woman who deserve a spot on the grown up table.


Sherry Birkin

Daughter of Annette and William Birkin, Sherry was infected with the G-virus and survived the Raccoon City's Accident thanks to Claire Redfield. Inspired by both Claired and Leon, Sherry become a federal agent to the Division of Security Operations. In Resident Evil 6, Sherry act as a playble character and major support character for the second part of the story. Tasked with protecting Jake Muller and secured a C-Virus vaccine, Sherry showed to us how she grew up, a resourceful, determined and unbreakable woman who did her best to secure Muller's survival. Birkin fallen victim to an unnecessary teenage like romance and had her big return ruined by some damsel in distress moment and Jake being the one who got more attention.


Sheva Alomar

The Resident Evil underrated queen. Sheva Alomar is a BSAA agent from the West Africa branch, she survived a mass murder commited by Umbrella to silence a town about a containment failure on Umbrella's No.57 Plant. A former guerrilla member , Sheva shined as a infiltrating agent, and in just eight months was a full BSAA agent. Sheva fought alongside Chris Redfield on the Kijuju's Outbreak in the events of Resident Evil 5. A woman of strenght and ready to face whoever threatens her people and global security. I would like to remind everyone that Chris didn't defeat Wesker on his own, Sheva was there the whole journey and played a major part into Albert's defeat. Sheva is surely someone I would like to see in another Resident Evil game.

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