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PMS Clan @ PAX West Diversity Lounge

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PAX West is our next event and PMS Clan is proud to announce that we again have a booth inside the Diversity Lounge—and we want to see you! Stop by and meet up with the clan Leaders Athena & Athena Twin PMS, current clan co-leader Ovaryacting PMS, Xbox Leader Shesnotgood PMS, and other clan members who will be assisting.

DIVERSITY LOUNGE BOOTH - The Lounge will be located on the 6th floor, in what is essentially an atrium leading into one of the show. If you have trouble finding us, ask one of the many PAX Enforcers who are ready to help!

COMMUNITY MEET-UP - We'd love to organize a dinner or small meet-up for some board games and pizza. If you want to attend we'd love to have you and all are welcome to join based on room and space. Fill out our survey and we'll email you the details once they are all in place and announce on our twitter channel, so give us a follow if you aren't already!

SWAG - We'll be bringing some PMS Clan temporary tattoos for anyone attending to sport and support the clan.

PMS Drawstring Backpacks- Come get your PMS Clan drawstring backpack! At our booth you will fill out a postcard on who your favorite game character is and why—we're going to pin it up on our "Women of Games" board and report back to you on the results. We're quite interested in seeing what happens...

After you fill out your card, we're going to ask that you take a pic of it, post it on your social channel, tag PMS Clan and use the hashtag #playlikeagirl. That's it!

Those that fill that want to officially join the clan at the show will also get a bag and possibly a t-shirt based on supplies. If you believe in the power of a girl positive environment, fostering competitive spirit, and building an inclusive support network for women and our allies then we want you to join! Read more about what recruitment into the clan entails here.

PMS CLAN MEMBERS ONLY - For clan members only, we're bringing new shirts to take home and of course you get a bag. Please fill out this sign up form so we know you're coming and grab them at the Diversity Lounge during the event. We also have some party passes and will allocate as we can.

Do you want to help? We're looking for those who are willing to represent the clan at our booth for an hour or two so that those working can get a chance to see the show. It's easy! You'll be helping educate PAX Wast attendees about what makes our community so special and telling them about our activities above. Let us know if you're able to chip in on the survey.

We can't wait to see you there!

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