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PMS Clan Newsletter: Volume. 1 Issue. 2

We have a lot to cover below!

Here is where you can get up to date news on our upcoming events, open volunteer positions, and other announcements. You can expect a new issue at least once a month via email and our blog.

Upcoming Events

June 6: Overwatch PS4

Community Game Night on Overwatch for PS4 at 9 PM EST.

June 15 - June 20: Pride Month

To show our support, we plan to dedicate an entire week to Pride Month (June). Before we finalize any plans, we want to hear from you! Should we have spotlight interviews, Twitch stream takeover, something else? Click the button below and send us your ideas anonymously!

June 21st: Father's Day Event

For Mother's Day, the PMS Clan Moms took over our stream and got individual shoutouts on our social media. We want to do something different for the Dads in our community, but we need your help. Should we do the same thing we did for the Moms? Have a Jackbox game night? Or something completely different? Click the button below to go to our Suggestions Form and send us your ideas! Responses will be anonymous.

June 27th: Movie Night

Our first attempt at Movie Night didn't go so well, so we're giving it another shot! Vote for the genre today in the Announcement channel on our Discord! We'll keep the poll up for a week, and then vote on the movie.

News & Announcements

Turn on Notifications for the Announcement Channel

Make sure to check our Discord Announcement channel daily. We post important content like polls, notices, event and clan updates, etc. To make sure you don't miss out, turn on notifications specifically for the Announcement channel.

PMS Clan Discord is Now Public

Our Discord server is officially public as of June 1st! This means our server is open to more people without needing an invite link. If you have any issues with anyone within our Discord, please let us now ASAP by reaching out any of our Generals listed below: PC: H2O HugsNKisses & Callisto H2O PS: H2O Rycon64 & Sonico H2O Xbox: Vira PMS & Equinox Jr H2O

Suggestion Form

If you haven't noticed yet, we have a new Suggestion Form! Filling out this form gives us a chance to hear from our community. Whether it's an idea for a community event, a suggestion for a new division, a way to improve our Discord server, or anything else, we want to know. Click the button below to send us your ideas! Don't be shy, your response will be anonymous.

Open Volunteer Positions

We still have some open volunteer positions (you must have your full rights within the clan to apply): Stream Manager Twitch Team Community Engagement Team Social Media Team Editorial Team

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