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PMS Clan Newsletter Vol. 1, Issue 1

We are excited to announce PMS Clan’s very own newsletter! Here is where you can get up to date news on our upcoming events, open volunteer positions, and other announcements. You can expect a new issue at least twice a month via email and our blog.

Upcoming Events May 4th: Star Wars Day Community Game Night To celebrate May 4th this year, we're hosting a Battlefront 2 Community Game Night on Xbox at 8 PM EST! Sign up to join us!

Mother's Day Stream - May 10 Open invitation to all of the Mommies in our community: Take over our Twitch channel and stream with the kids! If you're not interested in streaming, you can still click the link to sign up and we'll give you a shoutout on our social media. Don't worry Dads! We'll have something for you too on Father's Day.

News & Announcements

PMS Clan Discord Going Public Our Discord server is going public this month! This means our server will be open to more people without needing an invite link. PMS Clan Mod Team To prepare for our Discord going public, we've rebuilt our Mod Team.

Congratulations Team! Demon Devs

Halo 31 H2O

PMS Gigi

Rei Yureimx007 H2O

StayFlown Open Volunteer Positions We still have some open volunteer positions (you must have your full rights within the clan to apply): Twitch Team Community Engagement Team Social Team Editorial Team

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