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Mass Effect Ultimate Insanity Guide

Mass Effect is a RPG launched in 2007 which originated three others games, the main triology puts you as Commander Shepard, a graduate on the elite Alliance N7 program, you can choose what kind of leader, person and friend the Commander can be, a ultimate paragon who helps everyone, or a renegade who punches reporter. Recently the triology received a Remaster, titled ''Mass Effect Legendary Edition'' available for past and current generation of consoles, and also for PC, the remaster gave us the games with improved graphics, gameplay and mechanics. And once again the moments which made us cry, angry or simply happy can be relive, so once more gather your favorite companions and embark on a journey through the Milky Way.

On this guide I will help you to complete the first installment in the Insanity difficult and your ideal team for each main mission. Be advised, this guide will contain spoilers, so if this is your first time playing you should avoid this guide.

Mass Effect Insanity mode isn't difficult as it seems to be, the main issue is the fact that almost all the enimies spawns ''Immunity'', a ability that reduces damage done to health, but no need to worry, with the right means you can overcome.


On Mass Effect you can choose between six classes, you can pick the any classe and win every challenges, although some gives some advantages , your best picks would be ''Soldier'' or ''Adept''. Barrier, Immnunity and Assault Rifles will be your best friends, sadly those three don't belong to the same specialization, Assault Rifles and Immnuity is a combo reserved to the ''Soldier'' class, but we are talking about a NG+, so you can choose a ''Bonus Talent'', if you complete your first walkthrough as a Soldier your best pick for a Bonus Talent is ''Warp'' or ''Lift'' since you don't need barrier thanks to your ''Immunity'' ability. As a ''Adept'' pick ''Immunity'', ''Eletronics'' or the ability to use Assault Rifles since Adept can only rely on pistols. Later in the game you can choose a class specialization, which makes Shepard receive less damage, cooldown reduction or inscrease your damage, choose the one you like the most, all of them gives you useful bonus.


Like I say, most enimies spawns Immunity, a annoying ability, but you can beat it with ''Warp'' , ''Sabotage'', ''Neural Shock'' and ''Lift'' , with those abilities you can keep the enemy team on their feet and avoid a overwhelm combat. A ''Tank'' character is not essential, since you can prevent the enemy from attacking or moving thanks to your biotic and tech abilities , but Ashley or Wrex are good choices, she can spawn Immnuity and Wrex Barrier, both have large amount of health and has Shotgun and Assault Rifle training. Sabotage overheat your enimies weapons , but be careful, never overheat a krogan weapon, or else they will charge against you and mostly likely one hit kill you. A great combo against shieldless is ''Lift'' and ''Throw'', ''Warp'' inscrease damage taken by enemy, ''Neural Shock'' slows them down, ''Medicine'' is essential since you need a decent healing. Ammunition Upgrade is a big yes, Tugsten and Incendiary Ammnution prevents enemy health regeneration, useful against krogan, while Radioctive Ammnution gives the enemy a biotic and tech cooldown penality.


Your goal is to complete yours Shepard class. While you can pick whoever you like most, some teammates has key skills to make it easy for you. Liara would be your first pick, to inscrease the team survavibility Wrex or Ashley may be the best choice, Tali is useful once she hit her higher level, until there Garrus is a big yes for a non-tech user Shepard, Kaidan is the second best teammate, a soldier Shepard, Kaidan and Liara would be a unstoppable squad. If your Shepard is biotic, you may want to considered Ashley, Liara, Tali or Kaidan. A tech expert Shepard can benefit with a full biotic squad, since all three of you will prevent enimies from attack. Always order your squad to wait behind cover, or else they will charge and mostly die. There is no bad squad formation, but biotic is always welcome.


Colossus X gives your better damage protection while Predator better shields. Also, don't forget armor mods, they are extremly useful, focus on damage reduction, cooldown reduction and health regeneration, you must adapt, if you find yourself against a enemy team who's agressive your best pick would be damage reduction and cooldown reduction, after all you don't need to worry about damage when the enemy can't attack and move.

Main Missions
  • Find Liara T'Soni : Krogan Battlemaster will be your big challenge, use Singularity and Lift on him until you dealt with his geth friends, if available AI Hacking can be useful to turn the geth against each other, after destroying the geths, spawns Warp on the krogan , when he's lifted uses Throw, your goal is to keep him away, if he gets close enough he can one hit kill you

  • Feros : Once more, geth and krogan battlemaster, so make sure to bring a biotic and some tech expert, you can easily be overwhelm so spawn Throw and AI Hacking to reduced the enemy agressivity. Geth Prime are another tough enemy, keep your distance and uses Overload to destroy It shields. Later you will face Thorian Creepers and Husks, don't let they surround you, use Singularity and Lift to keep them far.

  • Noveria: The toughest mission on the game, you need to prepare, buy the best equipment and fully know how the powers work, your best choice is to leave this mission for the last. The Rachni can easily overwhelm you, and their attack are fast and powerful, your goal is to keep them at distance at all cost. As for Matriach Benezia fight, always take cover and watch out for the snipers aim, the Commandos can flank you, so spawn Warp and Singularity in them, without her allies Benezia isn't that tough, avoid to stay in her line of fire, also Stasis stop her from use her biotic, while Neural Shock block her Asari allies biotic.

  • Virmire : Geth Rocket Drone will one hit kill you, even with Barrier, always play safe in this mission, otherwise those things will end your carrer, the remain enimies aren't unfamiliar, by this far on the game they shouldn't be a problem.

  • Illos: After dealing with Krogan, Benezia, Rocket Drone and Geth Prime, you can effortless finish this mission, the only thing you should watch out is Mako's shields, the Geth can destroy them quite easily.

  • Final Battle: By this far on the game, you have the best gear so Saren shouldn't be a trouble. In the battle focus on keeping moving, avoid cover since he can easily hit you, Lift will be your best friend, it can stun him for a longer duration, Sabotage will stop his ''Fireball'' attack, while Damping win stop him from overheating your weapons, after his shield are down, use Warp for inscrease damage. Also, if you aim to cheesy, after his shield are down you can use Stasis to ''lock'' him on a place.

Bonus Talent And General Tips

Always pick biotic related abilities, if you are already one then choose Immnuity, First Aid or Eletronics. You should attempt the Insanity mode in your second or third walkthrough, since you can import you Shepard and avoid to be punish early on the game, if you choose to import your past character then Insanity will be mostly annoying, I strongly do not recommend start Insanity in a fresh new game, unless you looking for one big challenge and an almost maddening experience.

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