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Letter to Our Community

Dear PMS Clan family and friends,

We know that these are tough times for all of us around the world. Many of you are on the front lines helping during the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank you so much for your work, sacrifice, and heroism.

Knowing the pandemic is one of the top things on everyone’s mind, our main goal is to continue to provide a place for our community to come together, without any added stress or worry. As we continue to work on events for the community, we are announcing upcoming events in our Announcement channel on Discord. Make sure your Discord notification for our Announcements channel is turned on, so you don't miss out. We have a Horror-Comedy movie night coming up Saturday, April 4, 2020, at 8 PM ET and we hope that you will join us!

For our division members, at this time, we will not punish anyone for their inability to maintain their session requirements, regardless of the reason. Whether you are a community member, division member, or recruit, we are waiving all non-active statuses to support those who may be struggling to maintain standard session requirements. If you need extended time away from the community, please inform your division leader(s) of your Leave of Absence.

Amid growing emotions and uncertainty throughout the world, we are here with you to lean on.

Stay connected, stay safe, and take care of yourself,

RaylaDevine PMS & Ovaryacting PMS

PMS Clan Leaders


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