League of Legends Worlds Pick'em 2020

Welcome to this year's PMS|ALLY Clan's League of Legends 2020 World Pick'em!

What's Pick'em?

It's kind of like fantasy football, but with your favorite League of Legends Esports teams. Decide which teams you think will win and lose, earn points, and push to the top of the leaderboard. You don't have to play alone. Your friends can join in and create a shared leaderboard.

**Since there's no gameplay involved, we are limiting this years World Pick'em to only PMS & ALLY clan members who have their full rights (completed recruitment).**

How do you play?

We'll be using the official League of Legends Esports point system for this years clan Pick'em, which you can find on the Pick'em website and below.

This World Pick'em prizes are themed around previous and future World Championship skins.


  • Full set of 2020 World Champion themed skins.

As these skins won't be released immediately, winnings cannot be distributed until these skins arrive in the Riot Store. This is fully dependent on Riot Games.


  • FunPlus Phoenix Gangplank

  • FunPlus Phoenix Lee Sin

  • FunPlus Phoenix Malphite

  • FunPlus Phoenix Thresh

  • FunPlus Phoenix Vayne

Second runner-up

  • Invictus Gaming Camille

  • Invictus Gaming Fiora

  • Invictus Gaming Irelia

  • Invictus Gaming Kai'Sa

  • Invictus Gaming LeBlanc

If you place in the top three of this tournament and currently own a skin listed in the tier you place, that skin will be replaced with a Mystery Skin.

If you place in the top three of this tournament and don't own the champion for a skin of the listed tier you place, that skin will be replaced with a Mystery Champion.

To participate, please send your Group Stage predictions to Callisto H2O & H2O HugsNKisses via our Discord server before the October 3rd, 2020, 2:00am ET deadline. Once the deadline has passed, we'll publicly reveal each members predictions for the Group Stage.

Visit our forums to see who else is participating in the League of Legends Worlds Pick'em!

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