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Films That Brought The Franchise Back to Life

Remake and reboot are quite know in the film industry, usually when a film is remade It means that his story can't no longer be explore, and when that happens also means that the thing we very love are about to be ruin. Remakes are watched with caution, mostly because they almost always ruin the franchise, the same idea applys on sequels, something some directors takes advantage of the fame of a franchise to make money, and create those awful sequels that end up burying the very thing they swore to save. But, not always a sequel or remake means some horrible thing, sometimes they can invigorate a dead franchise, and in this list i introduced a few flickers that brought their franchises back to life.

Halloween (2007)

I know, I know, how did I dare to choose the 2007 remake instead of the 2018 one. The answer is that you can see David Gordon Green' s film in almost every list of best remakes. Rob Zombie's Halloween is terrible underrated, the flicker gave the franchise new life back in the 00s, especially after the awful sequels (yes I mean Halloween Ressurection) that came after the original Halloween in 1978. The film relied on a new perspective, with Michael as a innocent (kinda) child and how the society change him, also had Rob Zombie's amazing direction that only him could bring, and of course, I couldn't help but mention Scout Taylor's wonderful perfomance as Laurie Strode, I know that Jamie Lee Curtis as the final girl is untouchable, but Scout Taylor Compton gave her best, she didn't try to mimic Jamie's perfomance, but decided to bring a totally new character, and for that she deserves applauses.

Scream 4

People are really harsh on sequels of gold franchises, and Scream is one of those. All five films were directed by the great Wes Craven, in the first title he made a masterpiece that only him could deliver, Scream is the only franchise created bak in 90s that survived without remake or awful sequels, despite Scream 3 been a bad title on the franchise, Wes really outdid himself. 11 years later after the last Scream film, Wes gave us Scream 4, a new chapter that brough back Sydney Prescott, Gale Weathers and Dewey Riley, it didn't seen possible, but Wes Craven deliver a unbelievable good sequel, the title returned the original roots of the franchise, featuring a incredible ending twist, suspense and good acting by Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere, didn't see that ending coming, yes? Let's hope that Scream 5 don't ruin the franchise.

Star Wars Episode VII : The Force Awakens

Many Star Wars complain about the new triology, but the true need to be say loud and clear, despite some flaws, Star Wars The Force Awakens saved Star Wars movies franchise. After George Lucas last Star Movie Revenge of the Sith back in 2005, and his decision to no longer make Star Wars films, the franchise was store away for ten years, and in 2015 we were introduced to a whole new title. The Force Awakens brought a more lighter storytelling, for the first time in the films, we saw a main girl handling a lightsaber, although Leia (also a rescuing character in the new triology) already was the true main character of the original triology, Rey, portaited by Daisy Ridley, gave a more juvenile and rebel touch, alongside the phenomenal Adam Drive playing Kylo Ren, our eternal Carrie Fischer returning as the iconic Leia Organa, Oscar Isaac as the charming and charismatic Poe Dameron, and Peter Mayhew final role and the last time we saw him as Chewbacca. Just stop comparing the triology between them and watch.

Bride Of Chucky

Child's Play franchise was originally introduced in 1988, a serial killer that possesed a doll, a slasher film thanks to the rising popularity of the genre back in 80s and 90s. Many sequels came after 1988, and all of they were simply awful, they tried to create new ways for Chucky to kill his victims, but the genre got saturated and boring. Until Ronny Yu in 1998 had the idea to create a whole new perspective to the franchise, instead of a pure slasher, the franchise become a bloody comedy. Jennifer Tilly deserves the spotlight in this film, playing Tiffany Valentine, without her the film would be another boring slasher flicker, we can't forget how charismatic and funny her character was, much like Brad Douriff, Jennifer Tilly turned into a icon, like seriolousy, who could play Tiffany better that Jennifer herself, she became such a soul for the franchise, returning in every title ahead and we could never have enough of her.

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