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PMS Clan Welcomes New Leadership

A new era for PMS Clan begins as our leaders of eight years pass the torch to new ones.

CeeCee & Vamp PMS

Hey PMS Clan members and allies!

This has been an exciting and busy year for PMS Clan behind the scenes! PMS Clan was invited to take part in not one, but two different events this year. We were fortunate enough to be able to showcase our community offline in the Diversity Lounges at TwitchCon and PAX East, where we introduced ourselves to hundreds of new gamers and met up with some familiar faces as well. On top of that, we have been road-mapping what the future of PMS Clan is going to look like and we are hopeful that this will take us to some very exciting places!

Through your participation in community surveys, feedback, and town halls we have been able to lay down the groundwork that will take PMS Clan into its third decade. Thank you for all of your continued support not only of PMS Clan, but of women in gaming as a whole. Your enthusiasm for this community proves that there is still a place for what we are all working to achieve here - putting a spotlight on equality and respect for women in gaming.

For the last couple of years, CeeCee PMS and Vamp PMS, our amazing Clan Leaders, have been working on a super top secret project: their retirement from management. With 20 years of combined service to the community in staff positions alone we are immeasurably grateful for their dedication to the PMS Clan mission. They have been working diligently with the Clan Founders, Platform Generals, and many new Leaders to ensure that the community and leadership teams are prepared for the next phase of PMS Clan. Going forward, after a well deserved vacation, CeeCee and Vamp will continue to assist PMS Clan as advisers and help to guide some other super top secret projects along the way.

Effective immediately, we would like to invite all of you to congratulate RaylaDevine PMS and Ovaryacting PMS on their promotions as the new PMS Clan Leader and PMS Clan Co-Leader! Together they bring 18 years of membership and staff experience into their new roles. They have been steadfast and vocal in their commitment to expanding the Clan’s reach and presence online for years, and we are so incredibly happy to have them at the head of this organization. Over the next several months they will be working closely with Clan Founders, Athena PMS and Athena Twin PMS, to spearhead several key initiatives for the Clan as they settle into their new roles.

In the coming weeks several job listings will be refreshed or newly posted to our Clan Job Board and we will be seeking volunteers to fill out our Operations and Membership teams. If you have a skill that you would like to contribute to the community, but don’t see a job posting that fits what you would like to do, please reach out to RaylaDevine PMS & Ovaryacting PMS via PM on the forums or Discord. As always, we invite all of you to be a part of the larger conversation and initiative as we move into this new chapter together.

Now, go play some games and have fun!

-PMS Leadership Team

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