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August 2020 PMS Clan Newsletter

Hope you're staying safe and taking care of yourself <3

Upcoming Events

August 8th - Fortnite

Community Game Night on Fortnite at 9 PM EST. Sign Up

August 15th - Valorant PC

Community Game Night for Valorant for PC at 10 PM EST. Sign Up

August 18th - Friday the 13th

Community Game Night for Friday the 13th on Xbox at 8 PM EST. Sign Up

August 22nd - Dead by Daylight

Community Game Night for Dead by Daylight on PC at 9 PM EST. Sign Up

August 29th - Overwatch

Community Game Night for Overwatch on PS at 9 PM EST. Sign Up

News & Announcements

New Discord Channels We've added quite a few new channels to our Discord server: Pop Culture - where we talk about all things . . . pop culture. Community Game Nights - where all of our event announcements will go from now on. Community Pride - an extra space where the community can show pride in who they are, ask questions, and share events.

We have many more channels for our community. Come by and chat with us!

New Valorant Division Congratulations to our PC Valorant division and to the management team! The division is off to a great start and flourishing. Interested in joining the division or looking for people to play? Reach out to the division on our Discord server in the Valorant channel!

Rogue Company Code Giveaway Every Sunday at 8 PM EST, watch the PMS Clan Twitch stream for your chance to win a code for the Rogue Company beta! We have codes for PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox. We'll be doing this until we run out of codes!

Open Volunteer Positions

We still have some open volunteer positions (you must have your full rights within the clan to apply): Twitch Team Community Engagement Team Social Media Manager Editorial Team

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