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Alan Wake Remastered And Other Game That Deserves The Same Chance

The mystery action game is coming back after It's original release in 2010.

After leaked rumors and speculation, Alan Wake Remastered was officially confirmed during Playstation's Showcase (September 9). The game is coming in October 5 2021, for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Also, for the first time Playstation players will be able to enjoy the game with either a PS4 or PS5.

Is always good to see that game you play long time ago getting a remasted or remake, sure graphics aren't that important, but is so good to play a game with visual quality. Not doubt 90s and 00s were the golden age of horror games, with titles such Silent Hill, Alone In The Dark, Resident Evil and Clock Tower, some of these received modern sequels in the incoming years, while others full remake or remastered, but a few were forgotten. Simply put, in this list i will talk a little about a few others 00s game that also deserves to receive a remastered or at least be portable to others consoles.


Starting the list with this masterpiece. Launch in 2004 for PS2, PC and Xbox, the game put you in control of four teenagers that seek to find their missing friend, so they think is a good idea to stay in school after nightfall. And of course that didn't go well, i will leave this spoiler free, but if you like old school co-op games, with monsters, fights and mystery, Obscure is your game, if you own a PC make sure to grab this game in STEAM, don't worry you don't need a cutting edge techonology to run it, 512 MB of RAM is enough. I must see this game was, and still is, one of my favorite, it just brings the 2000s back, and that feeling when i was a child and used to play this all day.

Forbidden Siren 2 ( A.K.A SIREN 2)

Sequel of the 2003 ''Siren''. I know, the first one was much more notorious, but you can get the first title in your PS3 and PS4. Siren 2 is forgotten when the franchise is mencioned, nobody cares about it, and that's sad, the sequel is strong as the original and deserves to be praised. Like any Siren game, you play as a couple of people bring together in a alternate dimension fill with insect like monsters, two deities yearning to be together and some cosmic horror. Sure the game received a reboot in 2008, entitled ''Siren Blood Curse'', but that was it, nothing more came out, you can play Siren and Siren Blood Curse in your PS3, but you can only play Siren 2 in your PS2 or download a emulator. The Siren franchise always was good and capable of give Resident Evil and Silent Hill a run for they lifes, but in the second title you had that feeling that all the characters are going to die no matter what, and what worse that death then being made into a zombie like monster.

Silent Hill 2

Of course I had to mention Silent Hill 2, a game that always was considered a piece of art. Release in 2001 by Konami, the title is one of the few games that I can firmly says that surprassed Its predecessor. A unique game, Silent Hill 2 was not made for amusement, but for reflect how bitter life can be, a melancholic atmosphere filled with realistic ''issues'' that a person can have, like guilty, anger, sadness and the wish to just dropped out of existence. The plot follows James, that receives a letter for his dead wife telling him to go to Silent Hill, so they could be reunited. By the end of the game you are not sure if you beat the game or actually the game was the one that beat you. Currently, Silent Hill 2, just like the Silent Hill franchise, is forgotten in Konami's Basement, but in 2012 a HD Collection was release, so you can play Silent Hill (also Silent Hill 3) in your Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4.

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