Staff Member Spotlight: Saltzman

We already know that we have a great little corner of the internet carved out with the PMS Clan but that doesn’t just happen by accident! The members of our inclusive video game community are who define us and we want you to see them for how awesome they are.

PMS Clan Ally member, Saltzman has been nominated by the CET and his fellow staff for November's Staff Member of the Month for is dedication not only to the community but to the PMS Clan's mission overall! We’ve all seen the effort he puts into everything he does for the clan, and this month, we would like to offer our thanks, respect, and appreciation! Thank you Saltz!

Saltzman ~Chibi Art by Snowifer

Tell us a little bit about yourself. I joined in June of 2020 and bounced from CoD to Halo then decided to put free time into more behind the scenes work and got involved in CET and quickly grasped the importance of it. I just kind of look around and see what we have here and see the good that can come of it and it’s encouraging. I’m also a server moderator with a great team and help a lot with social media and, really, just about anything I can.

If your life were a video game, what level would you play over and over again?

The first time I was able to show my mom that she would be taken care of without any worry.

If you could borrow any one thing from a video game, what would it be?

The light from the Traveler (Destiny)

As a male gamer, do you think it's important to continue pushing women forward? Why?

To the moon, without hesitation. This has always been a male dominated and focused space which is unfortunate. Pushing and elevating women forward can and will only make this a better place. It can be discouraging and honestly terrifying with the amount of toxic men hiding behind anonymity spewing their misogynistic nonsense and bullying female gamers and as men I think we need to use our privilege to do whatever we can to make this space not only safer for women but for everyone overall. And I think in order for this industry to continue to develop, successfully, it's critical we continue pushing for inclusiveness on all fronts and not only raise females up on the ground floor but also in eSports, development, etc.

When did you start gaming?

I always wanted to join in playing on my friends’ Sega's or Nintendo's as my family never owned one but when I was in elementary school I got an old black and white, grey chonky gameboy from a pawn shop and Pokémon Yellow and I fell in love with it.

How did you hear about PMS Clan and what made you decide to join?

I originally heard about PMS clan around the mid 2000s and didn’t really think anything of it. I was too young to see the significance of PMS Clan having a spotlight on them back then. Always saw PMS & H2O in random games back in Halo 2. Joining, originally, was an accident actually. I had just resurfaced after taking a break from the internet due to a lot of mental health issues and wandered into a random server and upon joining had to react to what clan I was affiliated with, the option was none but somehow it went to a PMS member in the server who DM’d me saying I selected PMS which I didn’t intentionally. Talked for a few and ended up joining the PMS server and decided to stick around after that.

What inspired you to volunteer for the community engagement team?

I’ve been involved in clans for a very long time so that instinct to want to be involved just kind of never goes away. But for me to even want to be involved in something I’ve grown to have to truly believe in it; the cause, the members, what possibilities, etc. I knew this community's mission and I believe in it full stop and it’s really hard NOT to see the immense good this place has & can achieve.

What’s something that your Clan mates don’t know about you?

I love theatre & a sucker for a good shanty

What game do you play to relax?

When I have time to play it would probably be Fortnite even tho by the end of a match I need to call my therapist & go to anger management

What is the first game you fell in love with?

Pokémon Yellow

Do you have any clan related memories that stand out from the rest?

A few: the first tournament I helped organize, actively seeing good things happen I had a hand in influencing, and last years Extra Life streams.


We’ve reached out to his peers and asked around. We heard some wonderful things!

Y’all have no idea about this guy for real! He was the best partner I could have ever asked for in CET! He has so much knowledge about the gaming industry and PMS Clan that wows me everyday. The coolest and one of the nicest members of our community. If there was anyone who deserves this special shout out it’s definitely Saltz!! He has been my friend and that little voice that says no 😈. I have never met anyone more passionate about the PMS Community who has came in to our community and knows what PMS was and still could be and has tried to bring the community back together. Anyways if you don’t know Saltz, it’s such a loss because he is very much worth knowing and befriending!!! Thanks for choosing PMS community to be a part of Saltzman because we really don’t deserve you! Hugs 🫂 friend! ~Kimi Khaos PMS

Saltz is such an incredible member of the community, he has helped me on multiple occasions on everything from modding,CET and even twitter! He's a fantastic guy who works hard for and with the team! Just wish he would elevate his CoD game and play hard-core😄 ~Ally Sec12 Saltz has became a great mentor to be personally. When I took on the role of squad lead I thought I was messing everything up and failing. And Saltz knocked that attitude out of me and told me if you feel its a good idea then try it, whats the worst that can happen. The biggest thing he has thought me is to stop self doubting myself. To believe that I am doing a good job and because of that I feel like I've grown into an amazing squad leader. Im very grateful me and Saltzman crossed paths because if we didn't I would probably still be very very lost. And I thank him very much for everything he has thought me and for everything im sure he will continue to teach me. ~Tangableaura PMS

Saltz has been a great support in CET. I always see him sharing ideas for new events and social posts, answering people's questions, making proposals for more efficiency and more. I appreciate the energy he brings to the team. ~MythicPink PMS

Well from coming out of nowhere Saltz has been the one person you could always count on and honestly his positiveness with the community has been a fresh air on top of being quite the joker. among us the mods were he can be the funny man of the group and what not and be my partner in my comedy crimes but above all the guy is an amazing person helping those in need always alert whenever something is needed and tops stepping up helping with a lot with our Community engagement folks honestly I could go on with all the good this man has help and still not be enough praise but honestly he is the likeable person that I like to hang around with so keep it up - H2O Reiyureimx007

Saltz deserves the spotlight recognition. Very friendly, hardworking, and diligent to both within the Moderator and Community Engagement Team positions. I personally really appreciate the dedication he puts into the clan and enjoy bouncing ideas with him. His work truly doesn’t go unnoticed to those of us who work behind the scenes. Congrats on getting staff spotlight and cheers to having many more years with you in the PMS Ops Team! =) ~Rabbit PMS I couldn't think of anybody more deserving for member of the month than Saltz. He has always been a welcoming and supportive member of the community. Saltz is always willing to help, whether it's with greeting new people, graphics, CET, or almost anything operations, he will do his best to find a solution, develop an idea or just lend an ear to those who need it. People turn to him for help and he's become a valued community member ~DemonDevs


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