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Female Asian Musicians You Need To Know

Music is a part of almost everyone's life. You probably know a lot of singers and artists of many genres or maybe you are aware of many Asian musicians thanks to the K-pop genre becoming popular over the years. Asian artist who performed others genres like rock and indie are extremely rare mainly by lack of recognition or have had no space in music industry.

Sadly, many female Asian artists are underrated or subjected to stereotypes in the Asian music industry such as their voice is too high pitched or too ''child'' like, their songs have no meaning or they just stand there for visual affect. In this list I introduce to you a few female Asian musicians you should listen to. They have great voices, maddening songwriting skills, and are great performers. Please, be warned that this list is personal, if you have a female Asian Artist you love, leave a post in the comments!

SOJUNG ( 소정의 선물 )

Member of the K-Pop group called Ladies'Code. Sojung always stood out from others artists, thanks to her unique and powerful voice, she proved she can sing anything from pop to jazz. Owner of a distinct vocal timbre and an amazing vibrato, Sojung's voice can go high, raspy, low and belt without being uncomfortable for other people's ears. Very few artists can be so good signing live, but Sojung nailed it, honestly she can slay any song. You can follow her releases and covers on her official youtube channel.

Angela Aki

Final Fantasy fans may be already aware of Angela's songs, since she sung Final Fantasy XII Theme ''Kiss Me Goodbye''. Did you know she actually wrote the lyrics for that song?! "Tegami" is also one of her most popular song and it was featured on the anime "Colorful" back in 2010. Angela not only sings but embodies her songs emotions and expresses the meaning of her songs. She took a break from music to only write musicals, but Angela left a a huge and renowned discography, you can follow her on her instagram and listen to her on Spotify. Make sure to check Tegami, This Love and Home.

Suzuka Nakamoto (SU-METAL)

Leader and vocalist of the heavy metal Japanese band "BABYMETAL", Suzuka, A.K.A Su-Metal. She's been on the music industry since her teenage years, rarely we see young women on the rock genre, especially Japanese women. Suzuka stands out for her incredible charisma, stage presence, good vocals and a unmatched energy. The girl can jump and remain signing without any playback, which proves her vocal talent. Suzuka shared the stage with Judas Priest's Rob Halford who said in a interview about how he appreciates BABYMETAL and they songs, describing as a ''unique music''. Suzuka is young, but promising. Make sure to check her band out if you enjoy heavy metal! "Karate", "Megitsune" and "Headbanger" are must listen to songs.

Tsuki Amano

I end this list with one of my favorite musicians. Fans of the Fatal Frame franchise may be already familiar with Tsuki and her songs, since she wrote and sung the theme of five titles of the franchise. Amano distinguishes herself by her unmistakable tone and her amazing songwriting skills. She writes song with strong lyrics in a artistic and soulful way. Every song made by her is a masterpiece, especially the songs Koe, Chou, Kurenai and Zero. All of her live performances are worth of appreciation. Although I enjoy all the others mentioned in this list, I feel that Tsuki herself is the most underrated and deserves to be recognized. With the news of the Fatal Frame V in North America hopefully more people will notice her talent.

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