The Collegiate Starleague 2018-2019 Season will culminate in a two-day LAN finals event on April 27-28 in Atlantic City!

On top of watching the top teams for CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, and Fortnite battle it out for the grand champion title, CSL is holding open tournaments to help support the scene! Any student over the age of 13 with a valid student ID can enter. The open tournaments include Apex, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Street Fighter V events with a collective prize pool of $20k across the games.  

Date: April 27-28th, 2019

Location: The Adrian Phillips Theater, Boardwalk Hall



All open tournaments are open to students of ANY grade level and are free to enter - you only need a general event ticket for entry. Read on for more information on tournament details, including how to register for each specific game tournament.


There will be two separate tournaments on Saturday and Sunday; form your teams of (3) to prepare to compete for your share of a $5,000 total prize pool! The Apex tournaments are open to students of ANY grade level with a student ID card required for check in; players on the same team do NOT need to be from the same school or grade level.


There is a maximum of 32 team slots available, with 24 online pre-registration slots available and 8 available at the door/for backup pre-registration. To pre-register for one of the 24 slots, email admin@cstarleague.com with your team’s information; priority will be given pre-registration time. Teams may pre-register for Saturday-only, Sunday-only, or both days; teams that pre-register for both days but no-show on one will be deprioritized.


Pre-registration Example Email:

⦁ Title/Subject

⦁ CSL Finals - Apex Legends Tournament - Online Pre-registration

⦁ Body/Text

⦁ Requested pre-registration for tournament day (Sat, Sun, or both)

⦁ Team Name

⦁ Player 1 - Full name, in-game info, school name and abbreviation, student ID number, email

⦁ Player 2 - Full name, in-game info, school name and abbreviation, student ID number, email

⦁ Player 3 - Full name, in-game info, school name and abbreviation, student ID number, email


The tournaments will take place on PC. They will be using a point system format, with teams with the highest points in a single game advancing for each round (tiebreaker = report time). Teams may play as many games as they can within each 1 hour round window, however only the single highest score for a team will be tracked for leaderboard/final standing purposes.

Point System:

⦁ 1 kill = 1 point

⦁ 1st = 10 points

⦁ 2nd/3rd = 5 points

⦁ 4th/5th = 3 points

Schedule (same on each day):

⦁ 10:30am-10:45am: Check in

⦁ 11am-3pm: Ro32 (4 blocks of 8 teams)

⦁ 3pm-5pm: Ro16 (2 blocks of 8 teams)

⦁ 5pm-6pm: Ro8

⦁ 6pm-7pm: Ro4

⦁ 7pm-8pm: Ro2

Prize Pool - $2,500 per day ($5,000 total):

⦁ 1st - $1,200

⦁ 2nd - $750

⦁ Ro4 - $275


They will be running a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 1v1/singles tournament open to all high school and college students on Saturday, April 27. There will be a $5,000 pot bonus on top of the entry fees collected from competitors. Bracket will cap at 512 entrants.

Free play on 32 Nintendo Switch setups will be available all day on Sunday.

Register on Smash.gg

Rules can be found here.


⦁ 11 AM: Check-in

⦁ 12 PM: Pools Wave A

⦁ 2:30 PM: Pools Wave B, Top 64 Wave A

⦁ 5 PM: Top 64 Wave B

⦁ 7:30 PM: Top 8


⦁ 1st - 50%

⦁ 2nd - 25%

⦁ 3rd - 10%

⦁ 4th - 5%

⦁ 5th - 3.5% x2

⦁ 7th - 1.5% x2


They’ll be running both 1v1 and collegiate 3v3 brackets in conjunction with Capcom for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition! Each event has a $1,000 pot bonus.

⦁ 1v1/Freeplay: Saturday

⦁ Collegiate 3v3: Sunday

Team up with students from your school or fly solo for a shot at the gold!  

Additional info can be found on the Smash.gg registration page.