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PMS Clan launched it's PC division in Counter Strike 1.6 in 2004, adding the third platform to PMS Clan. Since then, the PMS PC division has grown an enormous rate, with women competing on many of the competitive main titles today. Come see the members of the PMS PC division!
The PMS Playstation division was first formed in 2004, with the acquisition of another small female clan in our efforts to reach more female gamers, launching us into our second first- being the largest female multi-platform clan. Check out the members of the PMS Playstation division here!
The Xbox Division was the first division created by PMS Clan at the launch of Xbox Live November 2002, with the formation of an Unreal Championship division. Since it's inception the Xbox Divisions have been an active and thriving and it was only a year later that PMS Clan became the largest female competitive clan. With teams for almost all major games on this platform, there is certainly a home for everyone. Check out our PMS Xbox Divisions here!
The Nintendo Wii Division launched in April 2008 with the first online multiplayer gamer, Super Smash Bros Brawl. The inception of this division rounded out PMS Clan, finally creating an all around complete platform clan. Here you will find the members that are kick starting this division off.
PMS Clan is proud to be the home of many female gamers, including some who have fought their way to the top and through determination and skill have earned records that have acquired them Pro Sponsored Players. Here you will find a list of the official sponsored players throughout PMS Clan.
The Generals and Leaders of each division of PMS are the core backbone to this clan, ensuring the success and greatness of each and every division. They are the ones in the trenches with members working hard every day to make their division is going smoothly and is a welcoming place for others. Without these members that dedicate so much of their time and energy to this clan, PMS|H2O would not exist.
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