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Pandora's Mighty Soldiers (PMS CLAN) is the first, largest, and most competitive multiplatform all-female gaming organization and team. Currently PMS Clan has over 600 women from around the globe in their North America, South America, Europe, and Asia Divisions on all major platforms.
The H2O Clan started as male PMS supporters in our community. They are recognized as the male counterpart of the PMS Clan and may be tied to one or more PMS girls with very strong bonds of friendship and support. They not only embrace the PMS Clan mission, but help promote, recruit, and strengthen the ties of all Members. H2O's are competitive and may compete at events with their own teams or on co-ed teams with PMS members.
PMS|H2O Operations team are the members behind the business aspects of the clan to include management, Public Relations, Marketing, Website Content, and forum administrators.
Members of our community
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