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Hello! The gaming industry has become a multi-billon dollar industry, and a key target demographic with millions of consumers. This is a market we would like to help you reach. PMS Clan, the world's largest group of competitive women gamers, is currently seeking 2008 sponsors and partners, and we would like to give you the opportunity of involvement with our premier organization. We provide a wonderful community of women and male gamers, specializing in providing a fun and competitive place for online game play for females. We feel we are a great way for your company to market their products while supporting the great cause of helping women in gaming. Because of our uniqueness in being a women-focused organization, we are able to hit male and female consumer demographics effectively. The guys come because they want to talk and play with female gamers; the girls come because they want to play in a positive environment while being a contributing part of breaking the women gamer stereotype.

This year, PMS Clan is off to a great start with an initiative to open its doors to women in all extreme sports areas and a continual build to grow our male counterpart division H2O. PMS has been featured in the gaming community on Xbox, Xfire, and industry events everywhere as we bring gaming to a diverse group of hardcore and casual communities. Our media features have been extensive, including mainstream outlets like Entertainment Weekly, G4TV, MTV and more. We are currently in a massive website rebuild, which will help keep our community and fans on our site with content developed for community building. We have many skilled players of women and male gamers with a variety of backgrounds to endorse with the right sponsors.

Ultimately, you have the opportunity to work with the industry's premier female gaming organization, and this is a prime time to do it! We can help customize packages to your needs for maximum return on your investment. Feel free to contact me with any questions, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Amber Dalton a.k.a Athena Twin PMS
PMS Clan Leader


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