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Mainstream Print Features

Tips and Tricks Magazine: Interview with PMS Clan Leader; May 2005

San Antonio Express News: Females Taking Aim at the Video Game World; November 6, 2005 (Online Article)

Entertainment Weekly Magazine: Lady Killers; September 14th, 2005 (Online Article)

Rocky Mountain News: Girls Got Game; May 1st, 2006

Gadsden Times: The Real McCoy "PMS Stargirl"; August 2, 2006

EGM Magazine: The World's Most Dangerous Gamers; October 2006

San Antonio Express News: Girls Got Game; November 2006

EGM Magazine; Pro Active "Mary Jane PMS"; December 2006

Miami New Times: Got Game; February 8-14th 2007

EGM Magazine; Take This Job "Tart PMS"; March 2007

PC Gamer Magazine: Gaming For Dollars; May 2007 (Making PDF may use Snakes scan )

EGM Magazine: First-Person Shooting; August 2007

Maximum PC Magazine: Patriot Memory Ad; September 2007

Pro Gam3r Magazine: Varies features; October 2007

Vanguard Newspaper: Halo 3: Takin' Names and Breakin' Records; October 2nd, 2007

Vanguard Newspaper: Videogames: Not just a boy's game; October 10th, 2007

The Star: Roses Among the Thorns; November 26th, 2008

Official Xbox Magazine: How to Start a Gaming Clan; May 2011

Mainstream Online Features

About.com: PMS Clan Shows Texas Girl Gamers Play Rough

Alienware.com: She's a Lady: Alienware Sits Down with PMS Clan Co-Founder, Amber Dalton

Airdrie Echo.com: Airdrie Native Gets Wired "PMS ViXen" (Online Article)

Australia IT.com: Girl Gamers Want Respect

BBC News: Women gear up for gaming invasion

BBC News: Girl gamers who shoot first, love later

The BitBag: PMS Clan at MLG San Diego 2008

The Brooklyn Rail.com: Fingers for Fighting "PMS Kasumi Chan Interview"

Bungie.net: Community Spotlight "Kitty PMS"

Bungie.net: Humpday Challenge "Kitty PMS"

BusinessWire.com: Vanessa Minnillo and PMS Clan at Verizon FiOS Celebrity Pro-Am Competition for charity

CBS News.com: The ShowBuzz "Women Stepping Up Their Game"

ConsoleHeros.com: Interview with Vball Chick PMS, Athena Twin PMS, Gamer Girl Radio Hosts

DollyMix.com: PMS Clan Feature

TheELC.com: Interview with "PMS.Rinoa"

EsportsTV.com: In the Spotlight "The PMS Clan"

Evil Avatar.com: Girls, Games, Geeks, and the Industry

Fnatic.com: PMS DOTA in the Spotlight

GameSpot.com: Interview with PMS Europe "Krystal PMS & PMS Love Angel"

 Gamesutra.com: Women In Technology Sponsors PMS Clan

Gameinatrix.com: Gameinatrix Has PMS

Game World Industries.com: PMS Clan Interview

GameZone.com: Verizon FiOS Breaks Video Game Barriers for Women

GenerationGamerz.com: One Giant Step for Girl Gamerz

GGL.com: Share the Love

Girls n Gaming Magazine.com: MacGranda PMS Interview

GotFrag.com: Down to Earth with PMS V3NUS

GotFrag DPAD.com: Athena Twin PMS Sits Down with DPAD

GotFrag DPAD.com: CGI Dead or Alive Recap

GotFrag DPAD.com: PMS Clan Inc. Sponsor First Male Player, Daniel "King" Roberson For DOA 4

GotFrag DPAD.com: PMS Kasumi Chan & PMS Vanessa Interview

GotFrag DPAD.com: PMS Clan Inc. Sponsor Lost-Cauze & Technoboy

gURL.com: gURL Guide to Pro Gaming

gURL.com: Spotlight on Amber Dalton "Athena Twin PMS"
Hot97.com: PMS Clan Q & A

iGameMag: PMS.Rinoa Interview

MegaGames.com: PMS Clan Fighting Fit in Texas

MCVUK.com: PMS Vanessa is First Pick in CGS Draft

MySA.com: Women Enjoy and Master Video Games as Much as Males Do

Mymym.com: Interview with PMS DOTA's PMS Rinoa & PMS Sunie

Next-Gen.biz: Game Industry's 100 Most Influential Women

Playstation.com: Girl Power

SmartHouse.com: Female Gamers Are Hot

Tom's Games.com: These Women Aren't Just Playing House

TrendCentral.com: All Female Gaming Groups

USA Today: Women gain prominence in video game world

Wikipedia: PMS Clan

Xbox.com: PMS Clan on Xbox Live

Xbox.com: A League of Their Ownage

Xbox.com: Xbox Live Clans

Xbox.com: Game With Fame; Athena Twin PMS, PMS Mary Jane, PMS Tart

Xbox.com: Gamer Spotlights; PMS Trixie, Gypsyfly PMS, Cella PMS, PMS Mary Jane, Kitty PMS, Frantic PMS,
XFire.com: The Ridiculously Long Lasting Gaming Event

XFire.com: Chat and Play with PMS Clan

Television & Video Features

BingGamer.com: GameX 09 PMS Clan Interview

CBS: Video Game Super Stars "PMS Mary Jane"

Channel 5 News (Omaha): PMS Clan Feature "Lady PMS"

ConsoleIntersection.com: PMS | H2O Clan on the Circuit City Bus at WCG 2007

CSTV.com: Pro Gamer Fashion

DigitalTrends.com: Players Only with Scott Steinberg

DirectTV: Championship Gaming Series "PMS Kasumi Chan"

DirectTV: Championship Gaming Series "PMS Vanessa"

DirectTV: Championship Gaming Series "PMS Kasumi Chan vs PMS Coolsvilla"

EsportsTV.com: PMS Athena Twin Interview with Get Well Gamers

Forbes.com: Interview with PMS Mage & PMS Perfect aka Psych FD

Fox News: H2O Clan Interview at MLG Charlotte 2007

8TV Quickie: PMS Clan DOTA interview on Malaysian TV

GamePlayHD.com: Girl Gamers Feature

GamerCam.com: Halo 3 Challenge "PMS Clan vs. Tips and Tricks Magazine Editors" 

GameTrotting.com: Girls Got Game (Part 1 & Part 2)

GameVideos.com: Game Head COD3 Challenge Trailer

GamingHorizons.com: Women of E3 Hosted by Batgirl PMS

G4 TV Attack of the Show: Do Girls Have Game?

I4U News: PMS Clan Interview "Athena Twin PMS, Gypsyfly PMS, PMS V3NUS, & PMS Mary Jane"

Kombo.com: Interview with PMS Clan at QuakeCon

Konsole Kingz: PMS Clan CES 2007 Interview (Aired on Xbox Live Marketplay & Konsole Kingz DVD)

KTLA News: Cyber Guy Interviews PMS Clan

MN1.com: Interview with Athena Twin PMS

MTV.com: MTV Xbox 360 Release Show with PMS Clan

MTV Stacked Masters: With Athena Twin PMS and Daniel Negreanu

MyFoxHouston Live: "Dangerdoll PMS" and "Gamenatix Cori" Interview

NBC Philadelphia: Girl Gamers Interview featuring "Gypsyfly PMS" and "GI Jane PMS"

News Pro (Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia): PMS Clan Feature

QuakeUnity.com: PMS Clan Interview "PMS V3NUS" & "PMS Cella"

The Reboot Show.com: "PMS Wedge" Interview

SpikeTV.com: Game Head COD3 Challenge "Fedaykin PMS"

TheWiire.com: MacGrandma at E For All 2007

Xbox.com: E3 2006 PMS Clan Founder Interview

Xbox.com: E3 2006 Activision Poker Face "PMS Mage"

Xbox.com: PMS Clan on Halo 3 Bonus Disc

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Radio & Podcast Features

Artificial IntelliGENTS.com: Podcast Interview with PMS Legend

Dr. Blogstein's Radio Happy Hour: PMS Clan mentioned in radio podcast

EsportsTV.com: Audio Interview with PMS Clan

Fox Sports Radio: PMS Clan Interview "PMS Athena Twin"

 GamerGirlRadioShow.com: Weekly Podcast hosted by Gameinatrix Cori, Dangerdoll PMS, & PMS Pea Chi

Major Nelson.com: The One About PMS Clan
Pwned Radio (CBS Radio): Athena Twin PMS Interview

SXSW.com: Podcast of Panel "Girl Video Gamers Teach You the Facts About Successful Marketing" With Athena Twin PMS and Athena PMS

XBL Radio.com: Round table with PMS Clan

XboxSolution.com: Podcast 7 with Athena Twin PMS

ZA Tech Show: Episode 40 with PMS Clan during the PLuGG All-Star Showdown in South Africa

Thesis and Case Studies

University of Buffalo: Females and Online Gaming: The Culture of Halo 2, Craig Zaidel; August 2006

University of Oregan:  
Games, Gender, and Digital Culture: An Analysis of Three Communities, Mara Hobler; April 4th, 2007



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