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SMITE Xbox In-Game Clan!

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  • SMITE Xbox In-Game Clan!

    Hello all!

    If anyone is interested in joining our in-game clan unfortunately I cant provide a link but here's what you do in 4 easy steps:
    1. When you login on SMITE there is a 'Clan' tab at the bottom right. Go there.
    2. Go to the tab 'Find Clan'.
    3. Hit your 'Y' button to search. Search 'PMS Clan'.
    4. Join!
    The ingame clan is open to all community members. However, there is a ranking system (Initiate - Member - Officer). Here's how that works:
    • If you're a non PMS|H2O Clan Member your rank will remain at Initiate until completion of recruitment.
    • If you're a PMS|H2O Clan Member, casual or active you will be promoted to Member.
    • If you're a SMITE Xbox Division Manager (Recruitment, Practice, Community, etc) or Practice Captain you will be promoted to Officer.
    Lastly, if you decide to join please post here with your gamertag so we can give you your correct rank.

    Thanks and hope ya join! GLHF
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