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Default Re: Introduce Yourselves To The Recruits!

Name: Audrey - But everyone only knows me as Quinn
GamerTag: PMS Quinn
Age: 25
Location: Houston,Texas

About Me: I am a practice captain and I love teaching map/gametype strategies. I typically enjoy competitive (mlg, tu zb, or swat) but I can get burnt out on it sometimes, so some casual action sack or race games every now and then are fun. I am a Sales Manager for the whole state of Texas, which means I travel quite a bit. I love meeting clan sisters in person and going to MLG events. Send an invite whenever to play or get some 1 on 1 help
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Smile Re: Introduce Yourselves To The Recruits!

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Default Re: Introduce Yourselves To The Recruits!

Name: Kate
GamerTag: PMS Sticktacula
Age: 32
Location: Maryland

About Me:

I've been in the clan for a year now, but had some casual time. I recently became a practice captain again, and like to run casual practices. I like to think I'm pretty open minded, I like playing with new people and meeting new people. I've made some good friends here, that I hope to know for a looooooooong time. I'm always down to play reach/halo 3; whatever.

Hope everyone is enjoying recruiting, and can't wait to play with you!

Much love to my sisters, PMS Royal & PMS Lady Death
||My H2O Bro Dink||the best REAL bro EVER H2O Assisted||
Thanks PMS Dark Ivory for the sig!!<3

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Default Re: Introduce Yourselves To The Recruits!

Name: Elease aka Minx!
Gamertag: PMS Minx
Age: 27
Location: Central Fl

Hello Gurls! I'm Minxy! I tend to be slightly shy at first but once you get to know me, I can be really silly. I'm casual now coming back to active and I must say, I love playing with the PMS girls because we all respect each other and have each others back. Other than that, I love Halo, and fighting games (I used to love COD but now I'm just terrible at it!). So just let me know if you want to play! Now I might not be the one always on. My fiance likes to hop on my name and watch netflix, but when you see me playing something like Skyrim or something, you know its just lil ol me! Or just msg me and I'll wb if its me. HAPPY GAMING!

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Default Re: Introduce Yourselves To The Recruits!

Name: Ash
Gamertag: PMS Salome
Age: 27
Location: GA

About Me:
Coming up on one year in the clan in just a few weeks and still loving it. Competitive gameplay is my passion, even though i'm not crazy skilled. Hit me up with a friend request if you are looking for someone to game with!

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Default Re: Introduce Yourselves To The Recruits!

Name: Sharroll
GamerTag: PMS Payback
Age: 33
Location: Virginia (Moving Summer 2012 to Cali)

About Me:
I am currently a practice captain in the Halo Division. I run practices on Anniversary Maps/Gametypes Wednesdays from 6-8. Recently, I have also started running team objectives again. Those are currently being held Monday's from 6-8. I also run H3 Practices from time to time.

I am not on my PMS Tag often, it's a new tag and trying to keep it pretty, though I am not so sure if that's working too well, lol. If you are on and looking for someone to game with, send me a PM on the forums and I will send you an invite/FR from my main tag. I am a support player/delivery girl if need be. I love really having fun in the games and working together as a team.

I look forward to meeting all of you and if you have any question at all feel free to either PM me on the forums or a message on Xbox. Happy Recruiting!

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Default Re: Introduce Yourselves To The Recruits!

Name: Misty
GamerTag: PMS Emma Frost
Age: 35
Location: Illinois
Addtional Info: Facebook/mistylampers Jtv: pms_emma_frost Skype: pmsemmafrost

About Me!
I joined PMS on May 14th 2011. I've been the Practice Manager for the NA Halo Division since September 2011. I'm also a Practice Captain for the COD Division. I have 4 boys ages 16, 14, 11, & 9 so I'm a very patient person lol. I try my best to always be around when my ladies are in need! I'm more than happy to answer any questions or assist anyone that may need help whether it be personal, forum questions, learning callouts or anything else you may need. I live to help so if you need anything pm me or hit me up online! Otherwise SEE YOU IN PRACTICE!!

♥♥♥ Mercedes is My Rock ♥♥♥
My Big Sis Blue Rose PMS, My Littles PMS Khaleesi, Keeba PMS & PMS RebelChick
Iczoxochitl PMS ~ The best Co anyone could ask for! •◇°•°◇• My H2O & Confidant Sonico H2O
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Default Re: Introduce Yourselves To The Recruits!

Name: Brittany [PMS Enchantress]
Gamertag: xEnchantress
Age: 24
Location: Georgia

About Me:
I'm a member of the Halo division. I'm a mother of a 4yr old daughter and I live in Georgia with my boyfriend. I just happen to live next door to my mom. I'm going to school for my BA in Computer Security and Forensics. I've been a part of the clan for almost 3 years now and I pretty much know the forums like the back of my hand. So, any questions you have, I can probably answer them.

Stalking Schwabby is my duty.

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Default Re: Introduce Yourselves To The Recruits!

Name: Zack
GamerTag: H2O HugsNKisses
Age: 21
Location: Master Chief's Kitchen/Washington State
Addtional Info:Twitter/Facebook

About Me!
I'm a classy lady :P Mister. . . Do I need to come over there and slap you? You are not a girl! - PMS Atarla

♥ To my little bro and partner in life Grizz H2O & my amazing PMS, ElektraFox PMS
♥ To Carson Chaos, Dink H2O, PMS Mariah
My Crime Fighting Partner H2O Callisto

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