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Default PMS|H2O Small/Competitive Teams - Past and Present

To keep going along with the memories section.

I am interested in all the small/competitive teams that PMS|H2O has had in the past and present.

We had a MLG small team for Halo last year

Click the image to open in full size.

We had a great time, learned a lot, and lost a lot, but had a lot of fun.

Who else? Post away!
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Default Re: PMS|H2O Small/Competitive Teams - Past and Present

I was apart of two MLG Halo small teams last year..

Killpocalypstick <3 and Xi Nu

Both of them were such great experiences. I made such amazing friends and learned so much. I mean who knew that there was more to video games then just point and shoot

H2O Steve
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Default Re: PMS|H2O Small/Competitive Teams - Past and Present


Like 2 yrs ago, or very close to 2 yrs; I was in a H2O small team called Kappa, which we later changed to Reflex (in the MW2 360 division), we were probably the only small team at that time that were VERY serious & competative. We had managed to make it to the Gamebattle playoffs (we lost tho lol xD), were ranked in the 100something place (49-17); which we earlier had beaten the top 13th place team. We could have easily been ranked under 100th place but we all didnt have time to do GB (real life things). We ended up breaking up and most of us left the clan or went casual .

Overall, it was very a fun & great experience being in this team, i learned SO much from call-outs to spots. I also made some cool friends, & up to right now some of us still play MW2

H2O's/PMS's that played with us (in our team or even against us) would agree with me that when it was time for us to be serious, we still traumatized about this experience O.O right Viral? LMAO!

Good old times
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Default Re: PMS|H2O Small/Competitive Teams - Past and Present

Wanted to add to the good times of Xi Nu and Killpocalypstick... such great ladies... fun times. I miss it.

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Default Re: PMS|H2O Small/Competitive Teams - Past and Present

MLG Halo 3 Team in 2009 - Traveled and competed in Dallas. Those were good days.

PMS Halo 3 Team Chi (AKA Turkey) - Good Friends, Good Times <3

PMS Halo Reach Grifball Team Lambda - had over 40 competitive games, my best friends, and we had tons of good laughs. <3 <3

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Default Re: PMS|H2O Small/Competitive Teams - Past and Present

Halo 2/3, shadowrun- Bezzerk, H20 Sage, H20 Decoy and we always had an alternating 4th

Tarts H2O
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