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  • Gears of war recruiting

    Name : Demetrius Dickerson
    Game Name (Gamertag): iiTzF1aM3sx
    Location : Washington
    Gender : Male
    Age : 17
    Contact info : (Gmail)


    How did you find out about the PMS/H2O Clan? A post that I saw I was very interested
    Have you previously recruited for the PMS/H2O Clan? No I have not
    Have you Read and Understood Recrutiment rules and Guidelines? Yes I have read them and I understand them clearly
    What time do you usually play? Mostly on all the time unless I have school or family activities
    Favorites Gametype you like to play? TDM and King of The Hill
    Tell us alittle about yourself?

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    Hello we are so sorry we missed this application from you. If your still interested in joining please let me know we will get you in fast. Again we are very sorry we missed this.