Applying to Join PMS/H2O Clan? USE THIS GUIDE!

Recruitment FAQ

Administration suggests keeping this F.A.Q. guide open in another window while you are making your application, for reference purposes.

Q. How do I join the PMS/H2O Clan?

Getting started is really simple, just start by registering as a user on the forums. Once you have authorized your account from the link emailed to you, return to the forums and simply navigate to "Want to join PMS Clan or H2O Clan?", in the Recruitment, Challengs and Clan Regulations Arena. (See Below.) Click this link.

From this page, you can see all the Platforms we currently have Divisions on. Choose the Platform you will be playing on.
(For the purpose of this FAQ, the Xbox Division was chosen.)

Now, choose which Game you wish to play.
(For the purpose of this FAQ, Gears of War 2 was chosen.)

The PMS and H2O Clans have a Membership which span the globe, and as such is broken into five Regions: Asia, Europe, North America, Pacific Islands and South America. If a Division is not available in your specific Region, please choose the closes Region to you, and make a clear note in your application of your location.
(For the purpose of this FAQ, North America was chosen.)[IMG][/IMG]

This is where you make the final choice, do you want to Recruit into a PMS Division, an H2O Division or a co-ed PMS|H2O Division?
(For the purpose of this FAQ, the PMS Division was chosen.)

Now that you have reached the division you would like to recruit into, it becomes a little more interesting.
Before before you post an application, be sure to read all the sticky threads in the section, so that you understand the rules and what will expected from you.

Now that you have done that we will move on to the actual application.

Q. Where do I fill out an Application for a Division?
In order to begin your official journey to become an accepted Recruit, you need to fill out an application in the appropriate Division section. Look for a link that says "Project: (Name of Division Here) Recruitment Applications."
(For the purpose of this FAQ, the H2O NA COD 360 Division was chosen.)

The information outlined in blue in the below picture is the information which is REQUIRED in your application. However, *NOTE*: this information may be different from what appears in this guide, as is appropriate to the game/platform. Be sure to copy and paste the required information which appears in your appropriate Division.
Click the link which says Post Application Now.
(For reference purposes, open this link in another browser window or tab.)

Congratulations, it is now time to make your official Application!

Q. Now that I found the Application how do I fill it out?
Copy and paste the information requested on the previous screen, and fill it out.
(The required information has already been pasted into this application.)

There are a couple of drop down boxes that should be filled out as follows:
Category: has several options - if you are not currently a member of the PMS or H2O Clan, choose "New Recruit".

Priority is not used - ignore.

Method of subscribing to the application is your personal preference, but we suggest you do subscribe, and choose daily emails. By subscribe to your Application, when a reply is made, or a status is changed or updated you will recieve an email at the account you registered on the forums - especially useful for knowing when your application has been accepted. It is YOUR responsibility to check your recruitment application for replies from the Recruitment Managers or Division Leaders.

Once you have done all this simply click Save. Your application will be reviewed by the appropriate Recruitment Manager(s) and Division Leader(s), and you should receive a reply within a reasonable time period.

Note: If you accidentally posted in the wrong Division, fear not! Simply post a reply in your application, and request that it be moved to the correct Division, and the Manager(s)/Leader(s) would be pleased to accommodate you.
You have now submitted your Recruitment Application for PMS or H2O Clan.

Good Luck with Recruitment!
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[Event] Destiny 2 Party!!!!

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  • [Event] Destiny 2 Party!!!!

    Destiny 2 Party!!!
    Related image

    When: Friday, Sept 8th
    Time: 9PM-11PM ET
    Where: DESTINY 2 on Xbox One!

    We know that the game launches Wednesday and our division is on a blackout until Monday BUT let's gather on
    Friday, Sept 8th at 9PM ET to play Destiny 2!!!
    Anyone who has the game on Xbox One is welcome to join us, recruits, casuals, members, and community members! EVERYONE IS INVITED!!!!!

    Just drop your gamertag below to sign up & I'll be sure to invite you into our shenanigans!

    Ovaryacting PMS
    H2O Roxas
    Zachary Scuderi
    H2O Kylo Ren
    H2O Styx
    Loki PMS
    JM Knuckles
    H2O Variks
    Last edited by Ovaryacting PMS; 09-08-2017, 10:13 AM.

    Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!

  • #2
    I'll be flying in last word in hand

    I would like to say I love this clan and everyone in it
    lil bros:zoombunnie


    • #3
      GT: Zachary Scuderi (Can't wait!)


      • #4
        I’ll try to be on

        xEnchantress|Rabbit|Rayne|Zombie|Wildcat|Grunt| Ovary|Amanda||Iczo|Callisto|Texas Angel|Magenta|EVILJAK|Skywalker
        Practice Captain Destiny Xbox One/ Community Manager Gears of War 4


        • #5
          I'll be on.



          • #6
            Wish I can join, I won't be getting my copy in couple of weeks or next month.
            ( = ¬ = )૭
            Playfire|Gaia Online|Facebook|YouTube|DeviantART|Steam|Xfire|Raptr|Tumblr|
            PMS member since August 13, 2008


            • #7
              GT: MagentaSketches

              Looking forward to it!!


              • #8
                GT:Bomburst I'll be on!


                • #9
                  GT: Mako

                  I should be around. Playing firs thing in the morning tomorrow.


                  • #10
                    I'll join if I'm home!

                    Loki PMS
                    ~My Low-Key Siggy Shop is open! LINK~
                    <3 My Sisters & H2O: Lightning | Shy Achvmnt | Kupo


                    • #11
                      Of course I'll be online
                      I'm down for some chatting with a party


                      • #12
                        If only it was PS4, but I also may have a hurricane on my hands soooooo yeeea


                        • #13
                          H2O 20tw3ntee. I'll join if I can make it.


                          • #14
                            JM Knuckles

                            Much Bro Love to H2O Monsta and PMS SassyCassie!
                            RIP: My brother H2O Timberwolf! You will be missed!


                            • #15
                              Will there be a ton of loot?