Applying to Join PMS/H2O Clan? USE THIS GUIDE!

Recruitment FAQ

Administration suggests keeping this F.A.Q. guide open in another window while you are making your application, for reference purposes.

Q. How do I join the PMS/H2O Clan?


Now that you have done that we will move on to the actual application.

Q. Where do I fill out an Application for a Division?
Congratulations, it is now time to make your official Application!

Q. Now that I found the Application how do I fill it out?
A. You have now submitted your Recruitment Application for PMS or H2O Clan.

Good Luck with Recruitment!
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PMS|H2O Destiny Xbox Recruitment ---- Post here!

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    gamertag: FluidCarnival
    location: manitowoc wisconsin
    console: Xbox one
    contact: Xbox one
    about me: been gaming all my life and fell in love with destiny ever since December of the first year. Overall clocked roughly 2-3 weeks of gameplay in destiny one and hope for more with destiny 2. Work first shift and game in the afternoon after work almost every day

    Recruit Category: New Recruit
    Application Status: Request for PRM sent 9/13.
    Approved/Updated By: She Wolf PMS
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      • Name: Daniel
      • Gamertag: h2ostormeye
      • Location: Thomaston ME
      • Console: Xbox One
      • Contact Info: Xbox messenger. i have the app on my phone
      • Tell us a little about you: Quiet, laid back. Easygoing, in between my 3rd shift 10/7 (est) tues-sunday schedule i also enjoy reading and the occasional destiny or wow grind <3 Did miss playing with the clan, kept you guys in my heart everyday casual or not i still upheld the rules taught to me by Ms Darkivory who recruited me way back when ^^
      Recruit Category: Casual
      Application Status: Start date 9/15/17
      Approved/Updated By: She Wolf PMS
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      Love my sig from Sis. PMS DarkIvory ^^


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        • Name: Andrew
        • Gamertag: The Deathsmith
        • Location: Ontario, Canada
        • Console: Xbox One
        • Contact Info:
        • Tell us a little about you: Really enjoying D2 but don't have anyone to play it with so I decided to come home to the Destiny division.

        Recruit Category: Casual
        Application Status: Start date 9/25/17
        Approved/Updated By: Ardroxian Rayne PMS
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        • #94
          Gamertag: ASH AWESOMENESS
          Location: Mars Pennsylvania
          contact info: Xbox One
          About me: I like to play destiny 2 and rainbow six siege