Applying to Join PMS/H2O Clan? USE THIS GUIDE!

Recruitment FAQ

Administration suggests keeping this F.A.Q. guide open in another window while you are making your application, for reference purposes.

Q. How do I join the PMS/H2O Clan?


Now that you have done that we will move on to the actual application.

Q. Where do I fill out an Application for a Division?
Congratulations, it is now time to make your official Application!

Q. Now that I found the Application how do I fill it out?
A. You have now submitted your Recruitment Application for PMS or H2O Clan.

Good Luck with Recruitment!
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PMS|H2O Overwatch Xbox Recruit Application - Submit Here

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  • Name: Andrew
    Game Name (Gamertag): ChokeOnAPancake
    Location: Canada
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Contact Info:
    Discord: Squeez Bacon#5211
    XBL: ChokeOnAPancake


    How did you find out about the PMS/H2O Clan? A pms told me about the clan.
    Have you previously recruited for the PMS/H2O Clan? Yes
    Have you Read and Understood Recruitment Rules & Guidelines? yes

    What time do you usually play? 4pm to 3am EST everyday
    Favorite Gametype you like to play? Quickplay
    Tell us a little about yourself? I joined the pms/h2o clan back in 2012 and I play a lot of video games!

    Recruit Category: casual

    Application Status: Contacted 9/12/17
    Started: 9/12/17

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