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[XB1] Official Battlefield Division Trial Thread

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  • [XB1] Official Battlefield Division Trial Thread

    PMS|H2O Battlefield [XB1] Trial Information
    • Trials will typically last 4 weeks long.
    • 8-10 people MUST make 4 hours per week, ALL FOUR WEEKS, in order for the trial to pass.
      • It needs to at least be same 8 people making hours.
    • IF the those same 8 people donít make hours, the trial will be extended by a week.
      • (The reasoning behind this is that it takes 8 people to run a division. With division leader and management positions needing to be filled)
        • If that does happen, please remain patient with each other and myself and continue to get hours as you would do IF the trial does pass.
    • If you, as an individual, miss a week of the trial, a week will be added to your recruitment.
    • If you miss 3 weeks of making hours during the trial you will be removed from the trial.
    • Please add the Gamertag PMS H2O BF1
    • On the fourth week of the trial, we will get applications posted for all the staff positions. I encourage everyone to apply. In order for a division to happen, it needs people dedicated to help run the division.
    • We also need practice captains! Donít be shy! Help out and host some lobbies!
    • Please refer to the Practice Schedule for all current and upcoming Practice times.
      • You can switch between the practice schedule and recruitment/membership status docs on the bottom left corner
    • Our practice week will run from Monday-Sunday.

    PMS|H2O Battlefield Practice Schedule ~ Click The Link

    PMS|H2O Trial Practice Rules
    • The practice schedule is in the Eastern Timezone and all practices run from 11am-2am ET.
    • MUST have a MIC! (Unless approved beforehand by Ovaryacting PMS & Co)
    • Please be appearing online 10 mins PRIOR to the scheduled time of practice.
    • RSVP'ing is recommended, but captains are to invite EVERYONE APPEARING ONLINE. So if you plan on being offline or have your settings blocked, please RSVP by sending the practice captain a message on XBL.
    • You must be in the practice by the 15 min mark in order to receive credit.
    • Respect your practice captains. Follow their direction, when splitting lobbies and setting up the gametypes.
    • Derogatory, racist, AND/or sexual comments of any kind whether joking or serious will never be tolerated.
    • No Teabagging, or negative trash talk in proximity chat.
    • Should you have a conflict with a captain or someone in a practice please contact Ovaryacting PMS.
    • Have Fun!

    Practice Captain To-Do's
    • Set up lobbies 10 mins prior to your scheduled time.
    • All practices must have 3 people total from the trial in order for the practice to count.
    • . Once folks are in your party, you can split up people up into smaller lobbies according to game 5 a squad
    • Please post practices within 24 hours of hosting the practice.
      • ​​​​​​​All practice posts must have the day, date and time
        • Try to post members in alphabetical order by forum name
    • If you need to cancel a practice, please do so by posting in the trial thread that you can not host your practice time. (please include the date and time).
    • Captains can invite casuals into the practice during the trial, but they do not count towards attendance. Other than that no other guests are allowed in trials.
    Rule of Thumb - During the trial, I will leave practices on the schedule, unless you notify me to change the practice. I will send weekly PMs for changes, please check your PMs on Sunday and respond ASAP.

    Posting Practice Template:

    March 1st

    AllAboutIt - 2hrs
    HowBoutDat - 1hr
    PeaceHippy - DNF
    ZzzzzSnore - 2hrs

    *Notes: We were having connection issues during 1st Hour, Peace couldn't join.

    Information for New Recruits In Trial
    • Recruits are required to make four hours of practice for four consecutive weeks.
    • Each practice is 2 hours long.
    • Once your recruitment is finished, after 30 days you can dual division. However you must complete 4 hours for each division youíre in to remain an active member in both.
    • If you miss three consecutive weeks of practice without notifying the Recruitment Managers, your recruitment will be terminated. You can re-apply 30 days after your termination, when your schedule permits it.
    • The use of the word rape will never be tolerated.
    • You MUST respect everyone within the clan and those you will play with online. Disrespect will not be tolerated, nor will racial slurs, hate speech or negative comments towards one another. You will be warned once, but if the incident is severe enough, you will be automatically removed.
    • We have a "One and Done" policy with recruits. After one warning for an issue, if the recruit repeats the behavior, they are removed from recruitment and must wait at least 30 days before they are allowed to re-recruit.

    During your fourth and final week of recruitment, you will need to attend an orientation. This takes about 1 hour. There is a quiz that you will need to complete after the orientation. You MUST ATTEND in order to complete your recruitment.

    Roster Information:
    PMS Clan Inc keeps a roster of all members/recruits for all divisions across all platforms. This information is used by the clan and only by the leaders/admins and only if there is a dire need for it. Otherwise it is COMPLETELY confidential and safe information that is not given out.

    1. H2O W00KI3
    2. theJBRU
    3. PMS Temperance
    4. H2O L1NCOLN
    5. The Deathsmith
    6. H2O RedRobinX
    7. Iczoxochitl PMS
    8. H2O Mad Dog
    9. captiandipsy
    10. H2O DeathStar
    11. ShyWolf PMS
    12. PMS SammichMakr
    13. RitzySapphire
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    Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!

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    I am interested in the trial. GT: theJBRU

    I would be happy to host trial game sessions.
    Peter Hentges


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      Sweet. Temperance2145

      I should be able to make something work as far as the hours issue I mentioned in the other thread. I have two days off every week, after all. :P


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        H2O L1NCOLN

        I on everyday after 6pm central time also have a friend that is interested
        Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're gonna get


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          GT: The Deathsmith


          • #6
            H2O RedRobinX, I can host lobbies

            Protector of penguins


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              GT: H2O W00KI3

              Id enjoy hosting lobbies


              • #8
                GT: Iczoxochitl PMS
                I can host lobbies.
                Much love to all my sisters Mercy, SammichMakr, RebelChick, Dinosaur, Azula.
                And just as much love to my kohai, Rabbit.


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                  I'm interested after Christmas ☺️
                  GT: WildcatFlo
                  WildcatFlo PMS
                  PMS|H2O Call of Duty Xbox Division Leader


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                    Hi I'm new here but would love to be a part of this my gamertag is: captiandipsy if I could get in on this that would great thanks


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                      I would like to get at least 3 more people involved in the trial. Only bc anytime that a trial happens, about half the people who sign up, end up being terminated for inactivity. We want you all to have a successful trial. So let's try to get some more folks, unless you all can insure that you will make hours every 4 weeks. I see some folks who have signed up are already a part of 2 divisions, being in 3. plus life and stuff can become pretty trying.

                      Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!


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                        I have a friend interested and he tried to sign up on the site but is having issues. I'll walk him through it this weekend.

                        I may may have a few more friends interested too.
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                        WildcatFlo PMS
                        PMS|H2O Call of Duty Xbox Division Leader


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                          I'm interesting in this game. It's loads of fun!

                          GT: She Wolf PMS
                          <3's to my Big Sister Heavenly Fightr and my buddy H2O Jesterhead!
                          And as always endless soup for my honorary scissoring sista, H2O Callisto!


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                            Originally posted by WildcatFlo PMS View Post
                            I have a friend interested and he tried to sign up on the site but is having issues. I'll walk him through it this weekend.

                            I may may have a few more friends interested too.
                            What kind of problems are they having, registering for the site?

                            Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!


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                              I'm brand new, but I'd be interested in helping if allowed.
                              GT: CommandrWolffe
                              >Callisto H2O >Deuces56 H2O
                              The Cheetah Girls - "Cause we are sisters..."
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