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Overwatch PS App and Trial thread

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  • Overwatch PS App and Trial thread

    • Please refer to the Practice Schedule for all current and upcoming practice times.
    • You can switch between the practice schedule and recruitment/membership status docs on the bottom left corner.
    • All times shown are in Eastern Standard Time.
    Practice Rules
    *Practice Captains please read the Practice Rules for the first week of trial*
    • If you need to cancel practice, or if practice was canceled for any reason please post here.
    • Practice hours need to be posted here within 24 hours of the practice taking place.
    • Everyone attending practice is required to have a working mic unless otherwise approved.
    • RSVP'ing is recommended to attend Practice by sending a message to the Practice Captain 5 to 10 minutes prior to the start of scheduled practice.
    • Respect the Practice Captain and all other practice attendees.
    • Derogatory comments of any kind whether joking or serious will never be tolerated.
    • What the Practice Captain says goes, if there's any conflict with a Practice Captain please direct it to RaylaDevine PMS.
    • Practice captains are welcome to invite casual clan members to fill lobbies but only if there's not another trial member wanting to participate.
    • If a practice has no attendance for two weeks out of the month, that practice will be removed.

    *Practice Captains please post hours in this thread*

    What to post:

    Day of the Week

    Forum Name - 2 hours
    Forum Name - 1 hour
    Forum Name - 2 hours
    Forum Name - 1 hour

    Forum Name - 2 hours
    Forum Name - 1 hour

    Forum Name/Gamertag - 2 hours


    1. Divisional Application For: Overwatch PS
    2. Date Applied: 8/30/17

    3. Forum Name: RaylaDevine PMS
    4. Gamertag/Game Handle: RaylaDevine
    5. Current Clan Member?: Yes
    6. Length of Clan Membership: 2011
    7. Previous Leadership Role? Yes
    8. Previous Division Membership: Yes
      If Yes: KZ3, Enchantress PMS, Member; Battlefield, Leader

    9. For all interested Members:[List Forum Name, Gamertag/Game Handle, Email]
      Interested Members MUST be registered on the forums

      Member 1: Toilerr91 (Toilerr91)
      Member 2: Darkcrits (Darkcrits)
      Member 3: zombies_r_us115 (zombies_r_us115)
      Member 4: Shing (Awesommeboy)
      Member 5: BlazikenKid (BlazikenKid)
      Member 6: AgentArrow7 (AgentArrow7)
      Member 7: Kryonic (Shamnambam)
      Member 8: sb_seth (sb_seth)
      Member 9: rramdhari132 (rramdhari132)
      Member 10: TitaniteThorian (TitaniteThorian)
      Member 11: stablo600 (stablo600)
      Member 12: Flawless01 (Psychotoxxic)

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