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Ps4 Overwatch Division

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  • Ps4 Overwatch Division

    1. Divisional Application For: Overwatch
    2. Date Applied: 8/15/2017

    3. Forum Name: Toilerr91
    4. Gamertag/Game Handle: Toilerr91
    5. Current Clan Member?: Yes(?)
    6. Length of Clan Membership: N/A
    7. Previous Leadership Role? No
    8. Previous Division Membership: No

    9. For all interested Members:[List Forum Name, Gamertag/Game Handle, Email]
      Interested Members MUST be registered on the forums

      Member 1: Toilerr91
      Member 2:
      Member 3:
      Member 4:
      Member 5:
      Member 6:
      Member 7:
      Member 8:
      Member 9:
      Member 10:

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    Hi, Toilerr91!

    Awesome to see interest in an Overwatch division for PS! I've created an Overwatch interest thread. You can post your PSN ID there to get the ball rolling. The application you posted above is used once there are at least 10 interested people.

    Hope we can make this a division!