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Monster Hunter World XBOX !

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  • Monster Hunter World XBOX !

    there are obviously a lot of us who play it so why not get more organized! i have personally spent over 35 hours on the game since it came out because it deserves it, itís an amazing game! letís get 10 to get this started! just drop your forum name and gamertag below! happy hunting!

    1. H2O SpagheddyOs (SpagheddyOs)
    2. H2O DeathStar
    3. H2O Brown Bushido (BambooBushido)
    4. H2O Billy Katagiri (Billy Katagiri)
    5. CatfishDelight
    6. H2O Monsta


    1. Itachi H2O
    2. Rabbit PMS
    3. H2O Disgraced
    4. Iczoxochitl PMS
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  • #2
    I am interested keep me as a maybe as I just got into cod and have a little more time before I can join another


    • #3
      I want to be put down as a maybe too! :3
      Twitch: MzRabbit || Twitter: Hypalot
      || Xbox: Im Rabbit || Rabbit#1266 || LoL: PMS Rabbit

      Senpai/Non-Official Big Sis: Iczo (Nessa)
      My Amazing Partner: Sonico
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        A Monster Hunter World division would be so cool


        • #5
          I see a lot of members playing Monster Hunter. I'll pass the word around!
          ~My Low-Key Siggy Shop is open! LINK~
          <3 My Sisters & H2O: Lightning | Shy Achvmnt | Kupo


          • #6
            More people more people


            • #7
              I would be interested on this action
              2-27-12 CHS Never Forget
              RIP Salty
              Shout Out to my Big H2O Outlawz!


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                • #9
                  I'll be a maybe.
                  Much love to all my sisters Mercy, SammichMakr, RebelChick, Dinosaur, Azula.
                  And just as much love to my kohai, Rabbit.


                  • #10
                    PMS Adorkable I would love to be put down. I'm already in the OVW division and just finished recruitment a week ago so I still have a 3 week wait.


                    • #11
                      Put me down for joining. Forum name is H2O Billy Katagiri, and gamertag is Billy Katagiri.


                      • #12
                        I am withdrawing my desire to join the Monster Hunter World division. I tried the game and just didn't have much taste for it. Good Luck <3


                        • #13
                          Oooh, sign me up.


                          • #14
                            Lol 35 hours, so you just started the game then.XD
                            I am also interested.
                            Gamertag: H2O Monsta
                            Thank you Chaser PMS, Love the Sig!
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                            My super awesome sisters: Grunt Queen, Rebelchick, Tsubaki, Sireniix, Heavenly Fightr
                            Much love to everyone else in the Halo Division :mvboogie: