Applying to Join PMS/H2O Clan? USE THIS GUIDE!

Recruitment FAQ

Administration suggests keeping this F.A.Q. guide open in another window while you are making your application, for reference purposes.

Q. How do I join the PMS/H2O Clan?


Now that you have done that we will move on to the actual application.

Q. Where do I fill out an Application for a Division?
Congratulations, it is now time to make your official Application!

Q. Now that I found the Application how do I fill it out?
A. You have now submitted your Recruitment Application for PMS or H2O Clan.

Good Luck with Recruitment!
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    Name : Serge
    Gamertag (PSN) : G6SergeG6
    Location : Lebanon
    Gender : Male
    Contact mail :
    Gamebattle names (if prevoiusly registered) : none
    How did you find out about PMS/H2O clan? From a clan member
    have you previously recruited for the PMS/H2O clan? No
    Have you read and understood recruitment rules? Yes
    What time do you usually play? Depends on when im free but im active and play daily.
    Favortie gametype(s) that you like to play? FPS is my main. But i also play games like gta. And survival games. Basically anything but sports games.
    are you intrested in competitive play? Im all about that
    Tell us a bit about yourself? Usually the competitive type of gamer. Depending on the game. 18 years old. Started gaming at a very young age. I consider myself a decent gamer. And im looking to expand my experience in gaming by joining this clan and meeting new people.

    PM Sent
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      Name: Robert
      Gamertag (PSN): Frnz_E
      Gender: Male
      Contact Email:
      Gamebattles Name (if previously registered):n/a
      How did you find out about the PMS/H2O Clan? previous member
      Have you previously recruited for the PMS/H2O Clan? yes
      If so, what division: XBOX GOW, rainbow six, and multiple COD games
      Have you Read and Understood Recruitment Rules & Guidelines?
      What time do you usually play? late night between 8pm until 2 EST usually
      Favorites gametype(s) that you like to play? I like just about everything but prefer PVP
      Are you interested in competitive play? Yes
      Tell us a little about yourself?
      One of the original XBOX Gears members and captains, Ive been with H2O for a long time however I went MIA from the forums for quite some time and now I'm back but this time on PS4. I payed the original destiny on XBOX through all expansions since beta and am planning on doing the same with D2! I have a one year old daughter thats a gamer in training, and I use any other free time I have to play my guitar. I'm really looking forward to playing with the PS4 side of the divisions and can't wait to meet all of you!

      PM Sent
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        Recruitment is Closed for our Trial.

        We will open recruitment on October 11.
        Want a reminder when recruitment is re-opened? Send me a PM!
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