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    Pandora’s Mighty Soldiers
    PMS & H2O Clan

    Note: The content of a manual does not constitute nor should it be construed as a promise of membership or as a contract between PMS Clan Inc. and any of its members. PMS Clan Inc. may change, delete, suspend, or discontinue parts or the policy in its entirety, at any time without prior notice.

    Intro (by Leaders) + Mission Statement

    Hello and please allow me to say Welcome to the PMS and H2O community!

    In this document you will find the structure, regulations and general information on PMS Clan, and I hope we help create a positive, memorable and lasting experiences in your endeavors in gaming with our organization.

    One thing I would like to note, PMS and H2O is more than a clan or guild, it is a family. From the newest recruit down to the original members, we share a bond that unites us across all cultural, ethnic, regional and background boundaries.

    Please take the time to get to know others in the group via the forums and game play, as they can turn into relationships that last a lifetime, and from people you might never come across in your everyday lives. I myself find it fortunate to have the friends I have found from the clan, and I am sure you will as well.

    I would also like to note is that we are women focused organization with the mission of providing a competitive and positive environment for women in gaming, and everything we do revolves around that mission from organizing divisions to creation and support of our brother group H2O Clan. Some of you might not realize the importance in what you do exactly, so let me clarify: you are each visible women and men that can make difference for females in a male dominated industry. YOU EACH have the tools, resources, and ability to personally make a difference…starting with each other and beyond.

    Taking pieces from a blog I wrote a while ago, this is not just a game. This is not just a game when each of you are gaining skills in teamwork, leadership, and commitment. It is not just a game when we are learning valuable skill-sets such as time management, conflict resolution, and importance of community. It is not just a game when you can build lifetime friends—and for some of us—second families. This is not just a game for me, and I pray this is not just a game for should be about passion. Have passion in the belief you are supporting something greater than JUST PLAYING A GAME. You are each helping to change a mentality in this industry, and are helping to pave the way for the next generation of women gamers, women developers, women company have passion for your own daughters of the future and support all the members who help make this possible.
    Amber Dalton
    PMS Clan Leader

    Mission Statement

    The mission of PMS & H2O Clan is to provide a competitive, fun and positive environment to female gamers.

    Standards of Conduct

    Respect and Expectations
    1. Being respectful to one another and those we come into contact with is non-negotiable and is a cornerstone of our beliefs as a community.
    2. Using the word ‘Rape’ in any form or fashion to describe "getting owned" will not be condoned, and is subject to immediate Suspension from all Clan related activities.
      • If you have a problem with any words or phrases you hear other members saying, please let them know that it offends you and let a Division Leader know. Members will be warned if their behavior continues to be inappropriate or disrespectful and additional action may be taken.
    3. The Clan expects that all members will refrain from practicing or sharing in the use of hacks, level boosting, connection manipulation, cheating, glitching, unsportsmanlike conduct, or any similar act is conduct unbecoming of a PMS|H2O member.
    Harassment, Sexual Harassment Policy
    1. The PMS Clan does not tolerate any form of harassment. This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Offensive signatures, avatars, pictures, jokes, or cartoons
      • Threatening, belittling, or harassing forum posts or threads, private messages, e-mail, in-game chat, posts on outside social media/websites
      • Pranks
      • Intimidation or physical contact, violence, or assault
      • Any acts of retaliation or efforts otherwise aimed to discredit, undermine, or sabotage a recruit, member, staffer, or division
    2. The PMS Clan has a “No Tolerance Policy” regarding sexual harassment. This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Unwelcome sexual advances
      • Requests for sexual favors
      • Sending of explicit photographs or text messages.
      • Unwelcome verbal or physical contact that is sexual in nature that creates an offensive, hostile, or intimidating environment.
    3. Any member found to be acting in a harassing way, to clan or non-clan members, is grounds for Disciplinary Action or Termination depending on the severity of the offence.
    4. Any member reported to sexually harass any other individual will be terminated immediately if proof is shown of intentional harassment. If no proof is available, then all claims will be investigated by the Division Leaders or Platform Generals who will make a ruling on the situation.
    5. PMS Clan Inc. has an absolute "No Tolerance Policy" concerning sexual conversation, advances, or any form of sexual references when a minor is present. Failure to adhere to this policy between an adult and a minor will be taken very seriously and will result in immediate termination.

    Appropriate Online Images
    1. Any pictures or photographs posted on the PMS Clan website or official channels must adhere to the following standards.
    2. No full or partial nudity (defined as at least half of the breasts or buttocks exposed).
    3. No image that is sexual in nature including poses while partially clothed.
    4. No image suggesting or depicting illegal alcohol or substance use.

    Alcohol and Substance Use Policy

    PMS Clan Inc. is a drug free environment. Mention of drugs or alcoholic beverages in public rooms or in practice is prohibited. While we have no intentions of dictating what members do in their personal lives, we ask that you be respectful of others in the community by not discussing personal interests that others may find offensive or that would be inappropriate around minors. If attending an event under the PMS|H2O name, use of illegal substances, underage drinking, or providing alcohol to someone who is underage is strictly prohibited and will result in termination of membership.

    Romantic Relationship Policy

    PMS Clan Inc. is not a dating service, but sometimes relationships develop between adult members. We ask that any personal relationships between clan members be kept discreet as to not make others uncomfortable in practice or on the forums. Couples that join the clan together or develop a relationship while in the Clan can remain in the same division, but cannot be promoted to Manager or Leader without approval. Private information should NEVER be shared between members in a relationship no matter the level of membership. The PMS Clan Inc. does not support inappropriate relationships between underage and adult members. This will result in immediate termination of membership. PMS Clan reserves the right to contact an underage member’s parents/guardians that may be in a relationship with an adult.

    Streaming, Social Media, Outside Websites
    1. Individuals who identify themselves as members of the PMS|H2O Clan anywhere outside of our website must abide by the rules and standards laid out in this Handbook. We’re always happy to see members stream and create content, but if the content is not representative of our values or handbook guidelines use of PMS|H2O Clan tags is not permitted.
    2. Do not spam your personal content on any PMS|H2O channels.
    3. Do not share any personal content on PMS|H2O official channels that is in conflict with this handbook regardless of whether you, as the content creator/participant, identify as a member of the Clan in the image/broadcast/post.
    4. PRO TIP: If a clan member can trace the content back to you then so can a potential sponsor.

    Recruitment Policies

    Equal Membership Opportunity
    PMS Clan Inc. has equal membership opportunity in its community for all female and male gamers (with H2O Clan). Clan acceptance is based on merit, with the only stipulation that you be a female for PMS Clan and a male for H2O Clan. Clan acceptance is NOT based on skill, race, color, citizenship status, national origin, financial status, ancestry, sexual orientation, age, weight, religion, creed, physical or mental disability, marital status, veteran status, political affiliation, etc.

    Background Check
    PMS|H2O Clan may conduct a member-related background check for any existing member or new recruit. A comprehensive background check may consist of “scrubbing” names, game handles in regards to association with other clans, reputation, cheating, verification of contact information, review of personal blogs, and websites, verification of gender identity, etc.

    All new recruits must complete each of the following items in order to qualify for membership into the Clan unless otherwise approved by Clan Leaders:
    1. Pre-Recruitment Meeting and Orientation
      • Each new recruit must attend a pre-recruitment meeting before they begin to practice with the Clan so they can learn the rules and policies of the organization. There will be a brief quiz at the end of the orientation. By attending orientation and submitting the quiz, recruits are agreeing to abide by all rules, policies, and guidelines set forth in this Handbook. Each recruit is required to attend a full Clan orientation meeting at the end of their recruitment.
    2. Practice Requirements
      • New members must complete 4 hours of divisional practice a week for 4 weeks. If at any time a recruit feels they cannot make the minimum weekly hours, they should contact their Recruitment Managers and/or Division Leaders.
    3. Behavior and Attitude
      • Inability to abide by the rules and standards of behavior established in this Handbook will result in the termination of recruitment at the discretion of the Division Leaders. Terminated recruits may re-apply after a minimum 30 day cool down period. This may be extended or revoked in cases of severe problematic behavior or excessive failed attempts at recruitment.
    4. Clan Mergers
      • Teams|Clans that would like to merge with PMS|H2O Clan may do so only with the direct permission of Clan Leadership (CeeCee PMS and Vamp PMS). The recruitment process for a merger will be addressed on a case by case basis.
    Note: PMS|H2O Clan is not for everyone and that is okay! If a recruit no longer wishes to join they are asked to notify their Recruitment Manager/Division Leader. PMS Clan Inc. reserves the right to extend or terminate a recruitment without prior notice.

    Clan Tag Usage
    Once a Recruit becomes an official Member of the clan, they may request that their forum name be changed to reflect their new PMS|H2O Clan name, if so chosen. All PC handles, PSN IDs and Xbox Gamertags may also be changed at this time. A Member may request a PMS|H2O name at any time, but most commonly, it will be requested at the same time Membership Rights are granted. Please note the following:
    1. It is not mandatory to change to include the PMS or H2O prefix, but it is highly encouraged to do so.
    2. Names should not be changed until AFTER recruitment is completed and member rights have been given on the forums.
    3. All members must place the PMS or H2O in front of their name. Only PMS|H2O Leadership may place the clan tag at the end of their name as a sign of respect and dedication to the Clan.
    4. A Recruit may not take a tag that has been used by (or is very similar to) Division Leaders, Platform Generals, Clan Administrations & Operations or PMS|H2O Inc. Executive Team members.
    5. If a PMS Recruit is interested in taking a tag currently used by a H2O member (or vice versa), a message must be sent to the established member asking permission to use their tag.
    PMS|H2O Leadership reserves the right to deny a request for a member name for appropriateness, including drug/alcohol references, subject to the judgment of Leadership

    Division Policies

    Member Statuses
    1. Casual Members
      • "PMS Member"|"H2O Member" are members in good standing, who have previously completed a full recruitment period, and have full membership within the Clan, but are not actively a member of a division. They play regularly, may attend practices, and/or compete offline at competitive events under the PMS|H2O name. Though they do not maintain practice requirements, they are highly encouraged to continue their involvement with the community.
    2. Division Members
      • "PMS Division Member"|"H2O Division Member" are members in good standing, and have full member access within the clan. They are monitored for minimum practice requirements in Divisions, and may compete in offline competitive events under the PMS|H2O name.
    3. Division and Operation Leadership
      • PMS Clan Inc. desires to provide Members with opportunities for advancement as positions become available within the Clan. Please review our Job Boards for available positions within Divisions or Operation teams. A Member will generally progress through the following steps of promotion during their time in the Clan:
        • Recruit → Division Member → Captains (Practice Captain, Small Team Captain) → Manager (Recruitment Manager, Practice Manager, ect.) → Divisional Leader → Platform General
    4. Elite Members
      • PMS|H2O Clan Inc. makes a continual effort to recognize long term and dedicated Members through our Elite program. Once a Member has earned Elite Status, they will maintain permanent membership for life (barring any breaches in our Code of Conduct or rules), and access to the general Management Arena forums. A Member may be recommended by either their Division Leader or the Platform General they last reported to. Upon recommendation, the Member's application and history is reviewed by their current Generals and the Clan Leadership and a decision rendered shortly afterwards. Members may not nominate themselves for Elite status nor should they ask others to nominate them.
    5. PMS|H2O PRO Status
      • A PRO member is a member that has a signed contract with PMS|H2O Clan Inc. for a specified term and compensation assigned to an individual or team. PRO Membership requirements are similar to Division Requirements, but are also bound to individual contractual requirements as well.
    Qualifications for Elite Status:

    1a. Contributions to the Clan in some unique fashion that has bettered the Clan in some way AND three years minimum general membership in good standing, WITH Leader|General recommendation


    1b. 3 years total of active membership in good standing, WITH Leader|General recommendation


    1c. 1 year total of active Leadership (Leader, Co-Leader) or Management (Manager, Co-Manager) status in good standing, WITH Leader|General recommendation


    2. Approval of Application by all current Platform Generals

    Division Structure
    1. Division Members are expected to make a minimum of 4 hours of practice per week to maintain their Active status unless otherwise outlined and approved by Clan Leaders. Division Members failing to make practice hours for 3 consecutive weeks will be moved to Casual status, unless proper leave of absence arrangements have been made with the Division Leaders.
    2. Each Division is responsible for maintaining an up to date practice schedule and keeping track of practice hours.
    3. Practice Managers and Division Leaders are to ensure that Practice Captains are assigned and that practice rooms are set up promptly for each scheduled practice. Practice Captains are required to have practice rooms set up at least 15 minutes prior to the start of a practice, so attending Members have time to join and the practice may start promptly.
    4. The assigned Practice Captain leading the practice is the only individual that will send out or approve invite requests. It is a member’s responsibility to notify the Practice Captain that you would like to attend a practice at least 15 minutes BEFORE that practice starts.
    5. Only Clan Members are allowed in practices unless they are Recruits who have officially started their recruitment period. Public members should only be admitted at designated Guest Nights or Open House events.
    LOA Policy
    1. PMS|H2O Clan is aware that emergencies, illnesses, or other personal business may arise. If at any time a division member will be unable to make practice hours, it is their responsibility to notify the appropriate staff.
    2. Leave of Absences (LOAs) of under 3 weeks report to Practice Managers and/or Division Leaders. LOA’s over 3 weeks must be approved by the Platform Generals. If a member does not return from LOA in the timeframe approved by the Leaders, the member will be moved to Casual status.
    3. Staff LOA’s of any length must be approved by Division Leaders and/or Platform Generals. LOA greater than 3 weeks may result in removal from job depending on circumstances, even with prior Leader approval.
    Sibling/Bond Programs

    Members and Recruits

    Members and recruits may participate in our sibling program. Each member may have up to 2 big siblings and 3 little siblings. PMS may only select sisters and H2O may only select brothers as not to interfere with the PMS|H2O Bond program (see next section). Members wanting to take on a sibling should consult their division’s chain of command to find who is keeping track of siblings in that division.

    PMS|H2O Bond program
    The PMS|H2O Clan have a historical tradition of celebrating the special bond between a PMS Member and an H2O Member. More commonly, this is known as "Choosing an H2O." Please note:
    1. PMS Members are not required to choose an H2O and should not feel under any obligation to sponsor an H2O.
    2. H2O Members are no longer required to be “chosen” by a PMS Member to be eligible for recruitment for the H2O Clan. Being chosen is simply a title of honor that PMS Clan Members are allowed to give if they wish to do so.
    3. A Member must wait 60 days from the end of her|his recruitment before asking to take a PMS|H2O.
    4. A PMS Member should contact her Division Leaders regarding her selection of an H2O. The Division Leaders will contact the H2O’s current/previous Leader before approving the section to confirm the H2O’s eligibility.
    5. Both members may request to have their bond reflected on their profile after 6 months by submitting a request to their Division Leaders/Platform Generals.
    6. No PMS or H2O Member 17 years old or younger may have a PMS or H2O over 19 years old. If during their tenure as PMS|H2O this age split occurs (ie they started at 16 & 18 years old), the Members should contact their Division Leader prior to the age split occurring, (ie, before the 19th Birthday).
    7. No Member may forcibly remove their PMS|H2O from the PMS|H2O Clan. Use of forceful or underhand tactics to try to remove a PMS|H2O is NOT allowed, and will result in disciplinary action against the Member.
    8. PMS and H2O Members can agree to a mutual separation, thus allowing the H2O to have another PMS if he wishes (and that PMS member can have another H2O). Members wishing to dissolve should contact their Division Leaders or Platform Generals if they are Casual. Members may apply for a split only once a year.

    Transfer/Dual Divisions + New Divisions

    Members are eligible to transfer to or participate in another division as long as:
    1. They have fully passed recruitment and are in good standing.
    2. A transfer or dual request does not occur within 30 days of any previous transfer.
      • This will be verified by the member’s current Division Leader before they are allowed to begin a ‘silent recruitment’ consisting of 4 hours of practice a week for 2 weeks. Members wishing to be active in multiple divisions must meet the minimum hour requirements for each division (i.e. a Member who is dual divisioning in 2 divisions will need to make 4 hours a week in each division).
    New Divisions
    PMS|H2O Clan is always open and looking to expand existing Divisions, and encourages Members to explore different games and new possibilities within the community. All information pertaining to the application process to start a Division Trial for a new division can be found within this thread. Please read this thoroughly prior to submitting an application.
    1. Note: Division Trials are sometimes structured differently than already established divisions. Please consult the with the overseeing General for the platform that the trial will be held on for rules and recruitment guidelines.

    Conflict Resolution + Chain of Command

    Member Responsibility
    PMS|H2O Clan attempts to provide satisfactory resolution to all conflicts whenever possible. Members are required to stay current on any changes made to Policy as contained within this Handbook, so that their behavior stays within suggested guidelines. All investigations relating to complaints, whether or not they result in a Disciplinary Action are to remain confidential, and discussed only with the pertinent Members. Failure to do so is a breach in trust and may result in Termination of Membership.

    How to Report an Issue - Chain of Command
    Members who have a clan-related issue, question, complaint or who observe, learn of, or, in good faith, suspect a violation of the Standards of Conduct of PMS Clan should immediately report the violation and follow the Chain of Command in this order:
    1. Division Member Gathers Proof and Details
      • Gain any proof possible that will help with the investigation (screenshots, posts/threads, photos, private messages, used with permission if violation is serious).
    2. Division Member Reports to Division Leaders
      • Discuss it with their Division Leaders who will investigate the claim.
    3. Division Member Reports to Platform General
      • If the issue cannot be resolved at the Division Leader level, or the situation directly involves the Division Leaders, PMS Clan Inc. encourages members to contact their Platform General.
    4. Non-Division Member Reports to Platform Generals
      • If not in a Division
        • The Member should address their concerns immediately to the appropriate Platform General. (ie, a "PMS Clan" member who was previously in a PC Division should address her concerns to the PC Generals.)
    5. Member Escalates to Clan Leaders if…
      • The Member cannot get in contact with their Platform General after a reasonable amount of time. If there are multiple Platform Generals on your platform you are only to escalate to Clan Leaders if you have reached out to each of them with no response.
      • The situation directly involves a Platform General, the Member can then contact the acting Clan Leader (CeeCee PMS) or the clan Co-leader (Vamp PMS).
    Note: Operations Members are to follow the same Chain of Command as above only they will contact the Operations Manager (in place of Division Leader), Operations Director (in place of Platform General), followed by their last Platform General, followed by Clan Leaders.

    PMS|H2O Clan Three Strikes Rule
    PMS|H2O Clan operates on a three strikes rule, but reserves the right to skip levels of action should the unacceptable behavior warrant stronger punishment. If any of the following Disciplinary Actions are taken against a Member, a Disciplinary Report is started for the Member:
    1. First Warning (may be verbal or written)
    2. Second Warning
    3. Suspension (time frame set by Division Leaders after input from Platform Generals), and/or Membership Termination (Requires input from Platform Generals).
    Suspension/Involuntary Termination/Blacklisting
    1. In cases when Disciplinary Actions were taken, if it is determined by Division Leaders that a Member’s performance does not improve, or if the Member is again in violation of the PMS|H2O Clan guidelines as outlined in this Member's Handbook, a deliberation meeting will be held between Division Leaders and Platform Generals, and after this, Membership with PMS|H2O Clan will be terminated.
    2. A Member who is said to commit any serious violation of PMS Clan Inc. policies, at minimum may be suspended while the investigation of the situation occurs. Following the investigation, the Member may be terminated without any previous disciplinary action having been taken. The Division Leaders will review their findings with the appropriate Platform Generals and come to a joint decision, and the Member will then be notified, and receive a written copy of the Disciplinary Action Report via PM on the forum.
    3. General members (non-clan members) found violating the Official Forum Code of Conduct are also subject to the listed forum warning procedures. Such members who continue to to spam, troll, or violate any of the posted forum rules after the temporary ban, Clan Administration and Platform Generals, will vote on a permanent ban with the offender being allowed to state their case in person, or in writing at the discretion of the Administration|Generals.
    Voluntary Termination/Exit Interview
    If a member voluntarily wishes to remove themselves from the clan they may do so by submitting a letter of resignation to their Division Leaders or Platform Generals. Former members are welcome to remain active members of our community on the forums. If they wish to rejoin at a later time, they will be required to re-recruit as a new member. In a voluntary separation situation, PMS|H2O Clan conducts an exit interview to discuss the member’s reasons for leaving and any other impressions that the member may have about PMS Clan Inc.

    Dual Clanning
    No member may be apart of any other Clan or team while preparing to recruit, actively recruiting, or while a Member of PMS|H2O Clan. Participation in other clans or teams is a conflict of interest both professionally and personally. However, exceptions can be made in cases of pre-approved groups such as contracted jobs, social networks, or specific instances of competitive teams. Possible conflicts should be submitted to your Platform General for consideration and approval by Clan Leadership.

    Job Abandonment
    Staff members are expected to give a minimum 2 weeks notice of resignation if they decide to leave their position. Rage quitting or failure to provide adequate notice will result in the filing of a Disciplinary Action in your personnel file. Further repercussions may include restriction from applying to future management/leadership positions, removal of Elite status, and/or revoked permission to use PMS|H2O at the end of your name.

    The name Pandora’s Mighty Soldiers, PMS Clan, H2O Clan, and all logos, materials, and intellectual material created by members for PMS Clan are copyrighted and/or are owned by PMS Clan Inc. All rights are reserved by PMS Clan Inc. No event may use the PMS Clan or H2O Clan name or affiliation, without the express written permission from Athena Twin PMS and/or Athena PMS, President and Vice President of PMS Clan Inc. If such an event is proposed, please email a copy of all event details to CeeCee PMS and Vamp PMS, to ensure all legalities are observed. PMS Clan accepts no liability for any members that attend any events under PMS|H2O name.

    Information Confidentiality
    PMS Clan Inc. sincerely hopes that its relationship with its Members will be long-term and mutually rewarding. By accepting Membership with PMS|H2O Clan, Members agree that they will not disclose or use any PMS|H2O Clan confidential information, either during or after their membership. This includes:
    1. PMS|H2O Clan procedures and/or manuals
    2. Passing information from restricted access forums to a Member that does not have the appropriate permissions. (I.E. a Leader discussing issues or topics from the Leader's section with a Member, PMS Members discussing topics or issues located in the PMS areas with H2O’s and vice versa, or discussing Clan topic or issues in Member's area with Non-Members, etc.)
    Misuse of confidential information could result in suspension, termination, and possible legal recourse.

    Advertising or Solicitation
    Advertising in any form for any cause in public forums areas is only permitted with permission from the PMS|H2O Clan Leadership. Please send all advertising inquiries to Clan Leaders CeeCee PMS & Vamp PMS. Members are not permitted to distribute non-clan literature or views while using the PMS|H2O name, especially those that could be considered offensive or confrontational to others.

    Outside/Personal Sponsorship
    As a PMS|H2O Member, you may be approached by a potential sponsor who is interested in sponsoring you as an individual player, a PMS|H2O Clan team, or the organization as a whole. All potential sponsorships or partnerships that involve members using the PMS|H2O Clan name are to be immediately submitted to the acting Clan Leaders, CeeCee PMS & Vamp PMS. PMS|H2O Clan asks you and all sponsors to abide by our requirements as follows for consideration:
    1. No Sponsors may conflict with existing Sponsors or Partners.
    2. All Team Members must be current PMS|H2O Clan Members in good standing.
    3. Neither PMS Clan Inc. nor PMS|H2O Clan logos may be used without prior written permission from Athena Twin PMS or Athena PMS.
    4. No contracts involving the PMS|H2O name may be signed by any Members if using the PMS Name or logo. All contracts must be presented to Athena Twin PMS and Athena PMS for approval.
    5. Clan Members may not find sponsorship through another Clan or Team, unless first approved by Athena Twin or Athena.
    6. Only instances of exception may be for jobs or paying opportunities, and must be reviewed by Clan Leaders for approval.
    7. If a Sponsor is interested in becoming affiliated with PMS|H2O Clan and would like the Team name to reflect this and receive support from PMS|H2O Clan, please refer the Sponsor to for negotiations. Referring Members may be entitled to a 5% referral fee for all cash sponsorships they initiate.
    Compensation and/or Benefits
    It is the desire of PMS|H2O Clan to reimburse members for work done at industry or consumer events, but this is not always possible. In the event of a Sponsor or outside company contracting to hire Members, PMS|H2O Clan will attempt to work out appropriate compensation from that company. All information will be presented to any interested Member prior to the event, so that each Member may make an informed decision. If monetary pay is to be received from an event, it will be disbursed based on the client’s payout time.

    Clan Members may accept a gift from a Client or Sponsor for themselves, however it is not acceptable to accept a gift in exchange for promotion of that product under the PMS|H2O Clan name, for any company or product that conflicts with existing Sponsors.

    Changes to Policy
    This manual supersedes all previous membership manuals and memos. While every effort is made to keep the contents of this document current, PMS Clan reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate any of the policies, procedures, and/or benefits described in the manual with or without prior notice to members. Please continue to check manual for updates.


    PMS Clan Inc. encourages all Members to make suggestions and provide ideas and feedback as to how to make PMS Clan Inc. a better place and enhance service to PMS|H2O Members. A Member who sees an opportunity for improvement is encouraged to talk it over with their Leader, who can help bring the ideas to the attention to the appropriate individuals who are responsible for possibly implementing them. All suggestions are valued, and if a suggestion is not being followed up on by a Leader, post them in the private General Arena.

    PMS Clan Inc. reserves the right to terminate a membership at anytime without prior notice if an individual's conduct or actions conflict with the expectations of behavior as outlined in this handbook. Acceptance of a PMS|H2O Clan membership OR recruitment is an agreement of these terms.
    Document Maker(s) Project/Organization Role
    Athena Twin PMS Clan Founder
    Athena PMS Clan Co-Founder
    CeeCee PMS Clan Leader
    Vamp PMS Clan Co-Leader
    Nefarious Souls Retired H2O Clan Leader
    Ticorah PMS Retired PMS Clan Leader
    Kitteh PMS Retired PMS Clan Co-Leader
    Wedge PMS Retired PMS Clan Leader
    Blue Rose PMS Retired PMS Clan Co-Leader
    Version Date Author Change Description
    1.0 12/01/2005 Athena PMS Implementation of Handbook
    1.1 2/15/2006 Lady PMS, Kitteh PMS, Gypsyfly PMS Modification of Handbook
    1.2 03/31/2006 Athena Twin PMS Final Modification
    1.3 03/04/2007 Gypsyfly PMS, Athena PMS Yearly Modification/Update
    1.4 04/17/2007 Gypsyfly PMS, H2O Rip Yearly Modification/Update
    1.5 10/31/2007 Athena Twin PMS, H2O Snake Yearly Modification/Update
    1.6 12/09/2007 H2O Rip December Update
    1.7 08/09/2008 Kitteh PMS Post Move Edit - Preparation for Biannual Update
    1.8 04/11/2009 Kitteh PMS Edited Membership Requests Section For New Procedure
    2.0 01/01/2010 Kitteh PMS Overall Modification of Handbook
    2.1 11/02/2010 Kitteh PMS Updated Recruitment requirements, clarified Division Transfer/Dualing requirements
    2.1.1 11/22/2010 Kitteh PMS Corrected Elite Status wording
    2.1.2 03/29/2011 Kitteh PMS Updated Elite Status qualifications.
    2.1.2 03/07/2012 Kitteh PMS Updated: Section 4.3 Elite Status - Removal;
    Renamed: Section 5.10 to reflect new name - Advancement Opportunities, added new subsection 5.10.3 - Job Abandonmentment & Repercussions, generally edited;
    Updated: Section 3.3.4 Orientation, for removal of Public Orientation.
    3.0 3/16/2018 CeeCee PMS Overall Modification of Handbook
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