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Magic : the gathering TCG division ?

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  • Magic : the gathering TCG division ?

    Good morning, good evenning fellows !

    Since a while ago, I had the idea to create a competitive division for pms and H2o around the TCG Magic : The gathering.

    First for all they will be several links below for those who don't know about the game and would like to be introduced :
    ->This contains all the rules you need to know for every situations and some particular set of rules for dci tournaments.
    ->This article will teach you all about the basis of the game with the answers to question like what is a turn ? how such and such type of cards are played ? what does this card do ? caetera...

    So, with all of these informations in the links you should be able to start well in the game !
    What I suggest is quite simple, to entertain both of our clans we should create 2 team of 3 players each for pms and 2 team of 3 players each for H2o, it would be easier for training and we will be also able to play draft, 2 Headed-giant and Emperor.

    You need to know that the females are represented only by a few like the first female Pro tour champion in the game's history was Eda Bilsel and then in 2011 with the first place at pro tour Gatecrash was Melissa DeTora who already had one grand prix top8, after all there were only few others who break throught top8s but it's almost forgivable, the game is almost dominated by male players and I think it would be interested to have teams of female players often break the top8s.

    Finally, we will be training online with Cockatrice ,it's not supported by Wizards Of The Coast but if you want a free program to play magic it's the only one. You can download it from the link below.
    If this project ever comes to reality, we will need your full support if we wan't to top8 and bring more girls into the game !

    Thanks !