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Anyone making sigs?

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  • Anyone making sigs?

    HEY. YOU. That's right. You're the person who has been looking to flex their creative muscle a bit by helping others create and design forum signatures!

    We'll you've come to the right post!

    Ha ha, joking aside, I am looking for someone to help design and create a forum signature.

    I'm looking for something in the vein of cute, simple (in terms of aesthetic elements), and silly. And of course, based on the specific graphics I want to use. Here is a good example of around the kind of style I'm looking for, though different colors and elements of course:

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    What kind of software do you need to make sigs?


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      Whatever people are comfortable with. I'll just provide the images in jpeg or png form.

      I would, however, like to see some previous work for anyone who is interested! Thanks!


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        I can give it a shot if you are in a pinch I promise nothing though!

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          Same as Phelixia. I've got Gimp on my laptop and designed some big player posters for basketball for a few years.

          XBL: SammichMakr PMS PSN: SammichMakrPMS
          B.Net: SandwichMakr#1299 Steam: SandwichMakrPro


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            Ok! I will contact you individually! Thanks for showing some interest!


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              Ive got photoshop and few years experience. What focal point do you want