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  • Post your setups :P

    I spent all weekend(and like a month before) working on getting my custom desk mounted. After many man hours it finally happened. Here is my 8ft+3ft L shaped desk for my currently baller setup.

    Part List: (yes I know my headphones are overkill.) PartsList

    Things i'm planning to do soon:
    • Put PC under the desk to improve sound in the room (corners reflect/amplify allot of sound)
    • Get an LED kit to put under the lip of the desk to have dank underglow RGB rainbows
    • Posters Posters galore and Sound Dampening foam to fill up that blank newly painted wall
    • A 2nd or 3rd Monitor with a lower resolution but higher refresh rate (so I can have the best of both worlds, 4k and 144hz) for recording purposes as-well because no one watches 4k besides lik 0.1% of youtube
    • Get a Controller Holder for my PS4 controller and Steam controller (rocket league/civ/Witcher 3 need controllers lol)
    • Get a USB hub and mount it under the desk
    • Maybe get a shelf and mount my (not pictured) speaker into the far bottom corner for extra BOOM in the bass

    I was wondering what other people in the OW divisions/console stuff are running. I don't want to see what others are running, I know there are a few other great battlestations out there. Consoles are cool tho too :P